Hong Kong Residential Buildings

Hong Kong Island Apartment Buildings

Aberdeen & Tin Wan Apartment Buildings

Aberdeen Centre (1-23 Nam Ning Street)
Aberdeen Harbour Mansion (52-64 Aberdeen Main Road)
Bayshore Apartments (244 Aberdeen Main Road)
Comfort Centre (108 Old Main Street, Aberdeen)
Grandview Garden - Aberdeen (8 Nam Long Shan Road)
Jadewater (238 Aberdeen Main Road)
Jumbo Court (3 Welfare Road)
Manly Villa (38 Ocean Park Road)
Marinella (9 Welfare Road)
Pelene Mansion (5 Yue Ko Street)
South Coast (1 Tang Fung Street)
South View Garden (80 Shek Pai Wan Road)
South Walk Aura (12 Tin Wan Street)
Tin Wan Court (11 Tin Wan Street)
Veng Hing Mansion (152-154 Aberdeen Main Road)
Wai King Mansion (22 Aberdeen Main Street)
Waterfront South (1 Yue Wok Street)

Ap Lei Chau Apartment Buildings

13-15 Wai Fung Street (13-15 Wai Fung Street )
H.Bonaire (68 Ap Lei Chau Main Street)
Larvotto (8 Ap Lei Chau Praya Road)
Marina South (8 Ap Lei Chau Drive)
Sham Wan Towers (3 Ap Lei Chau Drive)
Shun King Court (33 Ap Lei Chau Main Street)
South Horizons (6 South Horizon Drive)
Tribeca Place (2 Ping Lan Street)
Yue On Court (3 Yue On Court Road)

Causeway Bay Apartment Buildings

118 Tung Lo Wan Road (118 Tung Lo Wan Road)
35-37 Yiu Wa Street (35-37 Yiu Wa Street)
41-43 Jardine's Bazaar (41-43 Jardine's Bazaar)
454 Hennessy Road (454 Hennessy Road)
50-58 Tung Lo Wan Road (50-58 Tung Lo Wan Road)
54-60 Percival Street (54-60 Percival Street)
55-57 King's Road ()
6-8 Kai Chiu Road (6-8 Kai Chiu Road)
60-62 Electric Road (60-62 Electric Road)
Apartment O - Causeway Bay (5 Hoi Ping Road)
Bay View Mansion (13-33 Moreton Terrace )
Bright Star Mansion (95-97 Leighton Road)
Caroline Garden (101 Caroline Hill Road)
Caroline Hill Court (3-15A Caroline Hill Road)
Cathay Mansion (3-17 Tung Lo Wan Road)
Causeway Bay Mansion (42-48 Paterson Street)
Causeway Tower (16-22 Causeway Road)
Chee On Building (24 East Point Road)
Chesterfield Mansion (11 Kingston Street)
Chuang's On The Park (162 Tung Lo Wan Road)
Clarke Mansion (9 Kingston Street)
Cleveland Mansion (5-7 Cleveland Street)
Como Como Causeway Bay (21-27 Percival Street)
Diamond Mansion (462-468 Lockhart Road)
Dragon Centre (21&25 Wun Sha Street)
East South Building (475-481 Hennessy Road)
Elizabeth House (250-254 Gloucestor Road)
Empire Court (2-4 Hysan Avenue)
Fairview Mansion- Causeway Bay (51 Paterson Street)
Grand View House (1-1B Moreton Terrace)
Great George Building (27 Paterson Street)
Greenfield Mansion (8 Kingston Street)
H & S Building (36 Leighton Road)
Hamilton Mansion (1-3 Cleveland Street)
Haywood Mansion (57 Paterson Street)
Hennessy Apartment (48-52 Percival Street)
Highland Mansion (8 Cleveland Street)
Hin Wah Building (446-450 Hennessy Road)
Hing Hon Building- Causeway Bay (26-36 King's Road)
Hoi Deen Court (276-279 Gloucester Road)
Hoi Kung Court (264-269 Gloucester road)
Hoi To Court (271-275 Gloucester Road)
Hong Kong Mansion (1 Yee Wo Street)
Hyde Park Mansion (53 Paterson Street)
Jones Hive (8 Jones Street)
Kailey Court (67-71 King's Road)
Kingston Building (2-4 Kingston Street)
Kwong On Building (8-14 Yee Wo Street)
Lai Yuen Building (59-61 Russell Street)
Lanson Place (133 Leighton Road)
Lee Fat Building (30-36 Jardine's Crescent)
Lee Gardens Apartments (25 Lan Fong Road)
Lok Sing Centre (19-31 Yee Wo Street)
Lunar Building (28-30 Leighton Road)
Malahon Apartments (501-515 Jaffe Road)
Marco Polo Mansion (10 Cleveland Street)
Miami Mansion- Causeway Bay (13-15 Cleveland Street)
Ming Sun Building (1-7 Lily Street)
New Town Mansion (6 Cleveland Street)
Pak Tak Building (51-53 Jardine's Bazaar)
Park Haven (38 Haven Street)
Paterson Building (37 Paterson Street)
Pearl City Mansion (22-36 Patterson Street)
Po Foo Building (84-96 Percival Street)
Po Hon Building (24-30 Percival Street)
Po Wing Building (61-73 Lee Garden Road)
Prospect Mansion (66-72 Paterson Street )
Rita House (123-125 Leighton Road)
Riviera Mansion-Causeway Bay (59-65 Paterson street)
Sik King House (9 Moreton Terrace)
Silverwood (109 Caroline Hill Road)
Starlight House (32-34A Leighton Road)
Sun Ho Court (29-31 Tung Lo Wan Road)
Sung Lan Mansion (37 Leighton Road)
Sze Hai Building (12-13 Shepherd Street)
Tang Fai Building (36-48 Tang Lung Street)
Thai Kong Building (482 Hennessy Road)
The First Mansion (78 Tung Lo Wan Road)
The Grandeur (47 Jardine's Bazaar)
The Warren (9 Warren Street)
Towning Mansion (50-56 Paterson Street)
V Causeway Bay- Tung Lo Wan Road (25 Tung Lo Wan Road)
V Causeway Bay- Yee Wo Street (9 Yee Wo Street)
Vancouver Mansion (6 Kingston Street)
Victoria Park Mansion (15 Kingston Street)
Vienna Mansion (55 Paterson Street)
Villa D'Arte (55 Wun Sha Street)
Wah Ying Building-Causeway Bay (14-20 Shelter Street)
Waldorf Mansion (2-6A Causeway Road)
Welcome Mansion (58-64 Paterson Street)
Well-Found building (488 Jaffe Road)
Yee On Building - East Point Road (26 East Point Road)
Yee Wah Mansion (38-40A Yee Wo Street)
Yoo Residence (33 Tung Lo Wan Road)

Central Apartment Buildings

1-3 Shin Hing Street (1-3 Shin Hing Street)
10,12,14 Gage Street (10,12,14 Gage Street)
108-110 Wellington Street (108-110 Wellington Street)
13-15 Gough Street (13-15 Gough Street)
18 Square Street (18 Square Street)
2-4 Square Street (2-4 Square Street)
20-22 D'Aguilar Street (20-22 D'Aguilar Street)
24-26 Gough Street (24-26 Gough Street)
254 Hollywood Road (254 Hollywood Road)
26-28 Lyndhurst Terrace (26-28 Lyndhurst Terrace)
28-32 Gage Street (28-32 Gage Street)
280-282 Queen's Road Central (280 Queen's Road Central)
29-31 Aberdeen Street (29-31 Aberdeen Street)
30-32 Lyndhurst Terrace (30-32 Lyndhurst Terrace)
338 Apartment (338 Queen's Road Central)
34-36 Gage Street (34-36 Gage Street)
41 Square Street (41 Square Street)
42-42A Hollywood Road (42-42A Hollywood Road)
45-47 Hollywood Road (45-47 Hollywood Road)
46 Graham Street (46 Graham Street)
61-63 Hollywood Road (61-63 Hollywood Road)
65 Wyndham Street (65 Wyndham Street)
66 Hollywood Road (66 Hollywood Road )
67 Hollywood Road (67 Hollywood Road)
7-9 Shin Hing Street (7-9 Shin Hing Street)
75A Hollywood Road (75A Hollywood Road)
Arbuthnot House (10-14 Arbuthnot Road)
Au's Building (15-19 Hollywood Road)
Aveny Serviced Apartments (31 Wyndham Street)
Bel Mount Garden (15 Arbuthnot Road)
Botanical Court (5 Caine Road)
Caine Tower (51-57 Aberdeen Street)
Cheung Fai Building (45-47 Cochrane Street)
Excellent Soho (4-5 Wo On Lane)
Felicity Building (54-58 Hollywood Road)
Fook Shing Court (50 Wyndham Street)
Fortune Court (18-20 Arbuthnot Road)
Four Seasons Place (8 Finance Street)
Garley Building (45-53A Graham Street / 48-52A Peel Street)
Glenealy Mansion (7 Glenealy)
Glenealy Tower (1 Glenealy)
Gold Shine Tower (346-348 Queen's Road Central)
Greenville (2 Glenealy)
Ho Fook Building (9 Old Bailey Street)
Kingearn Building (24/26 Aberdeen Street)
Lan Fong House (2-3 Lan Kwai Fong)
Lee Fung Building (315 - 319 Queen's Road Central)
Lilian Court (8 Shelley Street)
Lyndhurst Building (23-39 Lyndhurst Terrace)
Madera Hollywood (53 Hollywood Road)
Merlin Building (30-34 Cochrane Street)
Rich Court (88 Peel Street/)
Shama Central (22 Peel Street)
Shiu King Court (4-8 Arbuthnot Road)
Soho Square (21 Lyndhurst Terrace)
Sunny Building (57-59 Wyndham Street)
Sunwise Building (112-114 Wellington Street)
The Gage (36 Gage Street)
The Helena May (35 Garden Road)
The Mood Lyndhurst (38 Lyndhurst Terrace)
Townplace Soho (18 Caine Road)
Townplace Soho Serviced Apartment (18 Caine Road)
Tung Yuen Building (7 Chancery Lane)
Villa Serene (3 Staunton Street)
Win Hing House (36-38 Wyndham Street)
Winly Building (1-5 Elgin Street)
Winner Building - Central (27-39 D'Aguilar Street)
Winning Centre (46-48 Wyndham Street)
Wo On Building (8-12 Wo On Lane)
Wyndham Mansion (32 Wyndham Street)
Yin Serviced Apartment (97A Wellington Street)
Ying Pont Building (69-71 Peel Street)
Yuen Lam Mansion (3-4 Glenealy)

Chung Hom Kok Apartment Buildings

11 Ching Sau Lane (11 Ching Sau Lane)
13-25 Ching Sau Lane (13-25 Ching Sau Lane)
19-25 Horizon Drive (19-25 Horizon Drive )
30 Cape Road (30 Cape Road)
30-36 Horizon Drive (30-36 Horizon Drive)
33 Cape Road (33 Cape Road)
40 Chung Hom Kok Road (40 Chung Hom Kok Road)
45 Chung Hom Kok Road (45 Chung Hom Kok Road)
6-8 Ching Sau Lane (6-8 Ching Sau Lane)
64-66 Chung Hom Kok Road (64-66 Chung Hom Kok Road)
7-11 Cape Road (7-11 Cape Road)
72-74 Chung Hom Kok Road (72-74 Chung Hom Kok Road)
8-14 Cape Road (8-14 Cape Road)
Bauhinia Gardens (42 Chung Hom Kok Road)
Beaulieu (57-63 Chung Hom Kok Road)
Belvedere (41 Chung Hom Kok Road)
Cape Court (6-16 Cape Drive)
Casa Del Sol (33 Ching Sau Lane)
Coral Villas (27 Horizon Drive)
Cypresswaver Villas (32 Cape Road)
Emerald Ridge (9 Cape Drive)
Goodwood (52 Chung Hom Kok Road)
Hillgrove (18 Cape Drive)
Horizon Gardens (29A-29D Horizon Drive)
Horizon Lodge (33 Horizon Drive)
Horizon Ridge (38-48 Horizon Drive)
Jade Beach Villa (3-7 Horizon Drive)
Magnolia (29-31 Ching Sau Lane)
Pinewaver Villas (35 Ching Sau Lane)
Royal Bay - Chung Hom Kok (82 Chung Hom Kok Road)
Scape (20-26F Cape Road)
Sea Branch (31 Horizon Drive)
Ventura Villa (27 Ching Sau Lane)
Villa Piubello (1-7 Cape Drive)
Vista Horizon (68 Chung Hom Kok Road)

Deep Water Bay Apartment Buildings

14 Black's Link (14 Black's Link)
26-36 Black's Link (26-36 Black's Link)
33 Island Road (33 Island Road)
34 Island Road (Island Road)
35 Deep Water Bay Road (35 Deep Water Bay Road)
39 Deep Water Bay Road (39 Deep Water Bay Road)
45 Island Road (45 Island Road)
50 Island Road (50 Island Road)
51-55 Deep Water Bay Road (51-55 Deep Water Bay Road)
61-63 Deep Water Bay Road (61-63 Deep Water Bay Road)
66 Deep Water Bay Road (66 Deep Water Bay Road)
70&72 Deep Water Bay Road (70&72 Deep Water Bay Road)
8 Deep Water Bay Drive (8 Deep Water Bay Drive)
8 Deep Water Bay Road (8 Deep Water Bay Road)
8-10 Black's Link (8-10 Black's Link)
9-19 Black's Link (9-19 Black's Link)
Deepdene (55 Island Road)
Double Bay (46 Island Road)
Lee Villas (8 Deep Water Bay Road)
Rocky Bank (6 Deep Water Bay Road)

Happy Valley Apartment Buildings

1-1A Sing Woo Crescent (1-1A Sing Woo Crescent )
1-3 Sing Woo Road (Happy Valley/ Tai Hang)
1-4 Briar Avenue (1-4 Briar Avenue)
10-12 Shan Kwong Road (10-12 Shan Kwong Road)
141-145 Wong Nai Chung Road (141-145 Wong Nai Chung Road)
15 Yuen Yuen Street (15 Yuen Yuen Street)
15-17 Village Terrace (15-17 Village Terrace)
15-21 Broom Road (15-21 Broom Road)
155 Wong Nai Chung Road (155 Wong Nai Chung Road)
16-20 Broom Road (16-20 Broom Road)
167 Wong Nai Chung Road (167 Wong Nai Chung Road )
16C Shan Kwong Road (16C Shan Kwong Road)
18-19A Fung Fai Terrace (18-19A Fung Fai Terrace)
18-20 Happy View Terrace (Happy View Terrace)
22 Ventris Road (22 Ventris Road)
23 King Kwong Street (23 King Kwong Street)
23-39 Blue Pool Road (23-39 Blue Pool Road)
24-26 King Kwong Street (24-26 King Kwong Street)
25-27 Yik Yam Street (25-27 Yik Yam Street)
27-29 Village Terrace (27-29 Village Terrace)
29 Sing Woo Road (29 Sing Woo Road)
3-5 Happy View Terrace (3-5 Happy View Terrace )
30 Yik Yam Street (30 Yik Yam Street)
31-33 Village Terrace (31-33 Village Terrace)
31-35 Happy View Terrace (31-35 Happy View Terrace )
35-41 Village Terrace (35-41 Village Terrace)
37-39 Sing Woo Road (37-39 Sing Woo Road)
37-41 Happy View Terrace (37-41 Happy View Terrace)
4-10 Green Lane (4-10 Green Lane)
5 Min Fat Street (5 Min Fat Street)
5-5A Wong Nai Chung Road (5-5A Wong Nai Chung Road)
5-7 Broom Road (5-7 Broom Road )
5-7 Sing Woo Road (5-7 Sing Woo Road)
50 Blue Pool Road (50 Blue Pool Road)
6 & 6A Sing Woo Crescent (6 & 6A Sing Woo Crescent)
6-8 Shing Ping Street (Happy Valley)
7 & 7A Holly Road (7 Holly Road)
7 Fung Fai Terrace (7 Fung Fai Terrace)
7 Village Terrace (7 VIllage Terrace)
75-75A Sing Woo Road (75-75A Sing Woo Road)
77-79 Wong Nai Chung Road (77-79 Wong Nai Chung Road)
8 Shan Kwong Road (8 Shan Kwong Road)
87 Wong Nai Chung Road (87 Wong Nai Chung Road)
87-89 Blue Pool Road (87-89 Blue Pool Road)
89 Wong Nai Chung Road (89 Wong Nai Chung Road)
9 Broom Road (9 Broom Road)
9-11 Sing Woo Road (9-11 Sing Woo Road)
Amber Garden - Happy Valley (110 Blue Pool Road)
Amigo Mansion (79A Wong Nai Chung Road)
Antonia House (4-12 Broom Road)
Apartment O - Wong Nai Chung Road (25 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Aroma House (98 Blue Pool Road)
Arts Mansion (43 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Beverly Hill (6 Broadwood Road)
Beverly House (6 Fung Fai Terrace)
Billion Terrace (137 Blue Pool Road)
Blue Pool Court (74-80 Sing Woo Road)
Blue Pool Garden (86 Blue Pool Road)
Blue Pool Lodge (2-10 Blue Pool Road)
Blue Pool Mansion (1-3 Blue Pool Road)
Bonny View House (63-65 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Broadview Mansion (75 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Broadview Villa (20 Broadwood Road)
Broadwood Park (38 Broadwood Rd)
Broadwood Twelve (12 Broadwood Road)
Broom Garden (1 Broom Road)
Caroline Height (1 Link Road)
Cathay Garden (46-48 Village Road)
Celeste Court (12 Fung Fai Terrace)
Champion Court (67-69 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Cheerful Court (1-5 Shing Ping Street)
Choi Ngar Yuen (1 Shan Kwong Road)
Claymore Lodge (33 Village Road)
Comfort Mansion (36-38 Ventris Road)
Eaton House - Blue Pool (100-104 Blue Pool Road)
Eight Kwai Fong (1-10 Kwai Fong Street)
Elegance Tower (64 Village Road)
Elegant Court- Happy Valley (14-14A Shang Kwong Road)
Elegant Terrace- Village Terrace (13 Village Terrace)
Envoy Garden (110 Blue Pool Road)
Erine Court (71 Sing Woo Road)
Evergreen Court (71-73 Blue Pool Road)
Evone Court (24-28 Yik Yam Street)
Fairview Court- Happy Valley (15-17 King Kwong Street)
Fairview Court-Happy Valley (15-17 King Kwong Street)
Fairville Garden (63 Blue Pool Road)
Fine Mansion (32-40 Village Road)
Fortuna Court - Happy Valley (1 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Friendship Court (12-22 Blue Pool Road )
Full View Court - Happy Valley (7-9 Happy View Terrace)
Fullview Villa (21 Fung Fai Terrace)
Fung Chai House (5 Sing Woo Crescent)
Fung Fai Court (3 - 4 Fung Fai Terrace )
Fung Woo Building (61-65A Sing Woo Road)
Garwin Court (135-135A Wong Nai Chung Road)
Gracedale (23 Yuk Sau Street)
Grand Court - Happy Valley (16 Shan Kwong Road)
Green Lane Court (130-140 Blue Pool Road)
Green Valley Mansion (51 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road)
Green View Mansion (55-57 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Green Villa - Happy Valley (155 Blue Pool Road)
Greenside Villa (77 Blue Pool Road)
Greenway Terrace (5 Link Road)
Hang Fung Mansion (17-19 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Happy Court - Sing Woo Road (39E-G Sing Woo Road)
Happy Court - Village Road (25-27 Village Road)
Happy Mansion - Village Road (60-62 Village Road )
Happy Mansion - Wong Nai Chung Road (39-41 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Happy View Court (8-8A Happy View Terrace)
Happy Villa (94 Blue Pool Road)
Hawthorn Garden (70-70A Sing Woo Road)
Holland Garden (54-56 Blue Pool Road)
Holly Court (1 Holly Road)
Hooley Mansion (21-23 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Horace Court (3 Shan Kwong Road)
Igloo Residence (1A Shan Kwong Road)
J & J Mansion (31 Sing Woo Road)
Jade Terrace (3 Link Road)
Kam Kwong Mansion (36-44 King Kwong Street)
Kam Shan Court (19 Village Road)
King Cheung Mansion (1-9 King Kwong Street)
King Inn Mansion (13-15 Yik Yam Street )
King Kwong Mansion (8 King Kwong Street)
King Tak House (10-12 King Kwong street)
King's Court - Village Road (14-16 Village Road)
Kingsford Garden (106 Blue Pool Road)
Lai Sing Building (13-19 Sing Woo Road)
Le Cachet (69 Sing Woo Road)
Le Village (49 Village Road)
Linden Court (83-85 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Majestic Court-Happy Valley (8 Tsui Man Street)
Malibu Garden (3 Tsui Man Street)
Mandarin Court (25-27 King Kwong Road )
May Mansion (4 Shan Kwong Road)
Mayfair Court (5 Fung Fai Terrace)
Ming's Court (33-35 Yuk Sau Street)
Mint Garden (1-3 Cheong Ming Street)
Moulin Court (65 Blue Pool Road)
Nam Wing Building (49-51 Sing Woo Road)
Nga Yuen (66-68 Village Road)
Palm Court - Happy Valley (15 Tsui Man Street)
Panny Court (5 Village Road)
Paramount Mansion (2 Shan Kwong Road)
Pine Gardens (11A-11D Broom Road)
Pioneer Court (17 Ventris Road)
Po Tak Mansion- Happy Valley (3A-E Wang Tak Street)
Po Wah Court (29 Yuk Sau Street)
Portfield Building (10-16 Yuk Sau Street)
Race Course Mansion (93-95 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Race Tower (81 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Race View Apartments (31-35 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Regent Hill (1 Lun Hing Street)
Resiglow Happy Valley (7A Shan Kwong Road)
Richview Villa (20 Fung Fai Terrace)
Riverain Valley (79 Sing Woo Road)
Rockwin Court (14 Fung Fai Terrace)
Rose Court (115-121 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Royal Villa (25-29 Happy View Terrace)
San Francisco Towers (25-29 Ventris Road)
Se-Wan Mansion (43A-G Happy View Terrace)
Shan Kwong Court (26-32 Shan Kwong Road)
Shan Kwong Towers (22 Shan Kwong Road)
Shan Shing Building (18-20 Village Road)
Sherwood Court, Happy Valley (18 Kwai Sing Lane )
Shuk Yuen Building (2 Green Lane)
Shung Ming Court (22 Fung Fai Terrace)
Silver Star Court (22-26 Village Road )
Silverstone Mansion (7 Tsun Yuen Street)
Sing Woo Building (8A-10A Sing Woo Road)
Smiley Court (41 Blue Pool Road)
Splendour Court (53 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Sports Mansion (161-163 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Sun & Moon Building (45 Sing Woo Road)
Sun Fai Court (37-39 Yik Yam Street)
Sun View Court (31 Village Road/19 Yuk Sau Street)
Sunrise Court-Happy Valley (95 Blue Pool Road)
Tagus Residences (8 Ventris Road)
The Altitude (20 Shan Kwong Road)
The Broadville (4 Broadwood Road)
The Ellipsis (5-7 Blue Pool Road)
The Hampton (45 Blue Pool Road)
The Leighton Hill (2B Broadwood Road)
The Unit Serviced Apartment (17 Yik Yam Street)
The Urban Edition (8 Mui Hing Street)
The Valley View (12A Tsui Man Street)
The Ventris (20 Ventris Road)
Treasure View - Happy Valley (22 Sing Woo Road)
Tsui Man Court (76 Village Road)
Unique Tower (7-9 Wong Nai Chung Road)
V Happy Valley (68 Sing Woo Road)
Valley View (4A-4D Wong Nai Chung Gap Road)
Valley Villa (341-343 Tai Hang Road)
Venice Garden (91-93 Blue Pool Road)
Ventris Court (15 Ventris Road)
Ventris Place (19-23B Ventris Road)
Ventris Terrace (25-27 Ventris Road)
Villa Benesther (4 Sing Woo Crescent)
Villa Dorada (124-126 Blue Pool Road)
Villa Lotto (18 Broadwood Road)
Villa Lucerne (39 Village Road)
Villa Rocha (10 Broadwood Road)
Village Court (19-25 Village Terrace)
Village Garden (17 Village Road)
Village Mansion (11 Village Road)
Village Tower (7 Village Road)
Vivian's Court (75 Blue Pool Road)
Wah Chi Mansion (18 Shan Kwong Road)
Waiga Mansion (6-8 Hawthorn Road)
Way Man Court (50-52 Village Road)
Winfield Building (3 Ventris Road)
Winfield Gardens (34-40 Shan Kwong Road)
Wing On Lodge ( 72-82 Blue Pool Road)
Winner Building - Happy Valley (11-11A Wong Nai Chung Road )
Winner House (15 Wong Nai Chung Road)
Yee Fat Mansion (2 Min Fat Street)
Yee Fung Building (1A Wong Nai Chung Road)
Yicks Villa (83-85 Blue Pool Road)
Yue Lee Building (32-34 King Kwong Street)
Yue On Mansion (56 Village Road )
Yuenita Villa (43A - 43B Blue Pool Road )
Yuk Sau Mansion (20 Yuk Sau Street)
Yuk Sing Building (12-12C Sing Woo Road)
Yun On Terrace (135 Blue Pool Road)
Zenith Mansion (7 Shan Kwong Road )

Jardines Lookout Apartment Buildings

111 Mount Butler Road (111 Mount Butler Road)
15 Creasy Road (15 Creasy Road)
15-21 Wilson Road (Wilson Road)
2-6A Wilson Road (2-6A Wilson Road)
59 Perkins Road (59 Perkins Road)
69 Perkins Road (69 Perkins Road)
71 Perkins Road (71 Perkins Road)
75 Perkins Road (75 Perkins Road)
Butler Towers (1-5 Boyce Road)
Cavendish Heights (33 Perkins Road)
Clement Court (56-64 Mount Butler Road)
Cooper Villa (23-29 Wilson Road)
Flora Garden - Jardines Lookout (7 Chun Fai Road)
Jardine Court (24-38 Mount Butler Drive)
Jardine Terrace (2-32 Price Road)
Kailash Apartments (50A Tai Hang Road)
Linden Height (11 Boyce Road)
Minton Court (61-63 Perkins Road)
Mount Butler Lodge (2-22 Mount Butler Drive)
New Haven Court (1-11 Wilson Road)
Presidential Apartments (50A Tai Hang Rd)
Serene Villa (41-45 Perkins Road)
The Colonnade (152 Tai Hang Road)
Villa De Moorsom (12 Boyce Road)
Wing On Towers (7-9 Boyce Road)
Yick King Building (3 Chun Fai Road)

Kennedy Town Apartment Buildings

18 Catchick Street (18 Catchick Street)
19-21 Sands Street (19-21 Sands Street)
1B-1E Davis Street (1B-1E Davis Street)
63-65 Belcher's Street (63-65 Belcher's Street)
Axeford Villa (3 - 5 Sands Street)
Belcher Court (2 Sai Cheung Street)
Belcher's Hill (42-44 Belcher's Street/9 Rock Hill Street)
Bic Wah Court (464 Des Voeux Road West)
Brilliant Court - Kennedy Town (28 Praya Kennedy Town)
Cado Building (39-41 Cadogan street )
Cadogan (37A-B Cadogan Street)
Cayman Rise (29 Kai Wai Man Road)
Cheong Kat Mansion (98-100 Catchick Street)
Cheong Wan Mansion (55-59 Hill Road)
Cheong Yue Mansion (13-19 North Street)
Chin Hom Court (26 Li Po Lung Path)
Ching Lin Court (4-6 Ching Lin Terrace)
Dragonfair Garden (455 Queen's Road West)
Fairview Court - Pok Fu Lam (75 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Grand Scholar (419K Queen's Road West)
Hang Yu Building (45-55 Cadogan Street)
Harbour One (458 Des Voeux Road West)
Harbour View Garden (1 Sands Street / 2 Catchick Street / 21 North Street)
Hau Wo Building (44-52 Hau Wo Street)
Hau Wo Court (25-33 Hau Wo Street)
Hee Wong Terrace (1 Hee Wong Terrace)
Hill Court (28 Hill Road)
Hing Wong Building (23 New Praya Kennedy Town)
Hoi Tao Building- KNT (7-11 Belcher's Street)
Imperial Kennedy (68 Belchers Street )
Ivy on Belcher's (26 Belcher's Street)
Jade Court - Kennedy Town (35A Belcher's Street / 48-49 Praya Kennedy Town)
Jadeview Court (38 Hill Road)
Joy Fat Mansion (522-530 Queens Road West)
Joyful Building (18 Belcher's Street)
Ka Fu Building - Kennedy Town (25 New Praya, Kennedy Town)
Ka On Building (Kennedy Town) (27 New Praya, Kennedy Town)
Kam Hing Building (27-31 Catchick Street)
Kam Ho Court (144-148 Belcher's Street)
Kin Liong Mansion (26 North Street)
Kong Chian Tower (351 Des Voeux Road West)
Kwan Yick Building Phase 1 (430-440A Des Voeux Road West)
Kwan Yick Building Phase 2 (343 Des Voeux Road West)
Kwan Yick Building Phase 3 (273 Des Voeux Road West)
Leader House (57-61 Belcher's Street)
Lexington Hill (11 Rock Hill Street)
Luen Gay Apartments & Luen Wai Apartments (124-142 Belcher's Street)
Luen Tak Apartments (45 Smithfield)
Luen Yau Apartments (102-114 Belcher's Street)
Lung Cheung Garden (26 Praya Kennedy Town)
Man Kwong Court (12 Smithfield Road)
Manhattan Heights (28 New Praya, Kennedy Town)
Markfield Building (8 Smithfield)
Mei Sun Lau - Kennedy Town (442 Des Voeux Road West)
Mei Wah Mansion (42 Smithfield Road)
Mount Davis (33 Ka Wai Man Road)
Nam Hung Mansion (5A-5H Belcher's Street)
Nan Hai Mansion (46-47 Praya Kennedy Town)
Nan Sang Building (86 Belchers street )
New Fortune House (4-8 North Street)
On Fat Building (28-32 Davis Street)
Orlins Court (419S Queen's Road West)
Pak Hoo Mansion (554-560 Queen's Road West)
Pearl Court (13 Belcher's Street)
Po Lung House (28-30 Li Po Lung Path)
Po Tak Mansion- Kennedy Town (85 Smithfield)
Regent Height (80 Victoria Road)
Rex Building (399-401 Queen's Road West)
S-Residence (5-7 Catchick Street)
Sai Wan New Apartments (177-186 Belcher's Street)
Sands House (10-18 Sands Street)
Sang Cheong Building (427-437 Queen's Road West)
Scholar Court (15 Sands Street)
Serene Court, Kennedy Town (35 Sai Ning Street)
Shun Cheong Building (28 Hau Wo Street)
Shun Fai Building (19 Hau Wo Street)
Shun Hing Building (22-34 Catchick Street)
Sincere Western House (34-42 Davis Street / 42-46 Forbes Street)
Siu Yee Building (590-596A Queen's Road West)
Skyla Serviced Apartments (32 Sands Street)
Smith Court (83 Smithfield Road)
Smithfield Court (43 Smithfield)
Smithfield Terrace (71-77 Smithfield)
Sum Way Mansion (1 Belcher's Street)
Sun Court (3 Belcher's Street)
Sun Fat Building-Kennedy Town (12S-12T Smithfield)
Sun Shing Building (6-6G Belcher's Street)
Sunglow Building (11-15 Praya Kennedy Town)
T Residence (5-7 Catchick Street)
Tai Hong Building (1A-1G Holland Street)
Tai Pak Terrace (36 Sands Street)
Tai Sang Building (1A Sands Street)
The Hudson (11 Davis Street)
The Merton (38 New Praya Kennedy Town)
The Sail at Victoria (86 Victoria Road)
Townplace Kennedy Town (97 Belcher's Street)
Treasure Court (28 Belcher's Street)
Tresend Garden (81 Smithfield)
Tse Lan Mansion (39-43 Sands Street)
Tse Land Mansion (39-43 Sands Street)
Tung Fat Building (KNT) (1B-1C New Praya Kennedy Town)
Wah Ming Centre (421 Queen's Road West)
Wah Po Building (1, New Praya Kennedy Town)
Wai On House (39-43 Water Street)
Wai Wah Court (12R Smithfield)
Westview Height (163 Belcher's Street)
Wing Tai Mansion (7-9 Sands Street)
Wo Fat Building (533-543 Queen's Road West)
Yick Fung Garden (20 Praya Kennedy Town)
Ying Ga Garden (34 Sands Street)
Yip Cheong (Cheung) Building (4-16 Hill Road)
Yue On Building- Kennedy Town (78-86 Catchick Street)

Mid-Levels Central Apartment Buildings

1 Chatham Path (May Road)
1 Garden Terrace (8 Old Peak Road)
11 MacDonnell Road (11 MacDonnell Road)
2 Old Peak Road (2 Old Peak Road)
2 Tramway Path (2 Tramway Path)
2&3 Garden Terrace (8A Old Peak Road)
3 Macdonnell Road (3 Macdonnell Road)
31 Mosque Junction (31 Mosque Junction)
36-36A Kennedy Road (36-36A Kennedy Road )
36B Kennedy Road (36B Kennedy Road)
38-38A Kennedy Road (38 Kennedy Road)
38B-38C Kennedy Road (38B-38C Kennedy Road)
5G-5H Bowen Road (5G-5H Bowen Road)
5J-5K Bowen Road (5J Bowen Road)
6A Bowen Road (6A Bowen Road)
6B-6E Bowen Road (6B-6E Bowen Road)
8 Clovelly Path (8 Clovelly Path)
8 Kennedy Terrace (8 Kennedy Terrace)
Aigburth (12 Tregunter Path)
Bayview Mansion (54 Macdonnell Road )
Beau Cloud Mansion (64 MacDonnell Road)
Best View Court (66 & 68 MacDonnell Road)
Birchwood Place (96 MacDonnell Road)
Bo Kwong Apartments (5E-5F Bowen Road)
Borrett Mansions (Mid-Levels)
Bowen Mansion (7C Bowen Road)
Bowen's Lookout (13 Bowen Road)
Branksome Crest (3A Tregunter Path)
Branksome Grande (3 Tregunter Path)
Brewin Court (5-7 Brewin Path)
Caronia (17 Bowen Road)
Catalina Mansions (98-100 Macdonnell Road)
Century Tower 1 (1 Tregunter Path)
Century Tower 2 (1A Tregunter Path)
Chung Tak Mansion (2 Magazine Gap Road)
Clovelly Court (12 May Road)
Donnell Court (50-52A Macdonnell Road)
Dragon View (39 Macdonnell Road)
Dynasty Court (23 Old Peak Road)
Estella Court (70 MacDonnell Road)
Estoril Court (55 Garden Road)
Eva Court (36 MacDonnell Road)
Fairlane Tower (2B Bowen Road)
Gladdon (3 May Road)
Glory Mansions (106-108 MacDonnell Road)
Grand Bowen (11B Bowen Road)
Grand House (110-112 MacDonnell Road)
Grenville House (1-3A Magazine Gap Road)
Grosvenor House (114-120 MacDonnell Road)
Happy Mansion - MacDonnell Road (42 MacDonnell Road)
Hillsborough Court (18 Old Peak Road)
Hillview (21-23 MacDonnell Road)
Hollywood Heights (6 Old Peak Road)
Hong Lok Mansion (44-44F MacDonnell Road)
Horizon Mansion (102/104 MacDonnell Road)
Kam Fai Mansion (68A Macdonnell Road)
Kam Yuen Mansion (3 Old Peak Road)
Kenne Mansion (Kennedy Road 20)
Kennedy Apartment (34A Kennedy Road)
Kennedy Park at Central (4 Kennedy Road)
Long Mansion (24-24A Caine Road)
MacDonnell House (6-8 MacDonnell Road)
Mackenny Court (65-73 MacDonnell Road)
Magazine Court (5-7 Magazine Gap Road)
Magazine Gap Towers (15 Magazine Gap Road)
Magazine Heights (17 Magazine Gap Road)
May Towers 1 (7 May Road)
May Towers 2 (5 May Road)
Mier Serviced Apartments (6-8 Hospital Road)
Morning Light Apartments (38A-D Macdonnell Road)
Old Peak Mansions (5 Old Peak Road)
Pak Fai Mansion (72 Macdonnell Road)
Park Mansions (27-29 MacDonnell Road)
Park Rise (17 MacDonnell Road)
Pine Court - MLC (5 Old Peak Road)
Po Garden (9 Brewin Path)
Queen's Gardens (9 Old Peak Road)
Regence Royale (No.2 Bowen Road)
Silvercrest (24 MacDonnell Road)
South Garden Mansion (40-40A Kennedy Road)
South Mansion (5A MacDonnell Road)
St. Joan Court (74-76 MacDonnell Road)
St. Louis Mansion (20-22 MacDonnell Road,)
St. Paul's Terrace (42A MacDonnell Road)
Sung Tak Mansion (2 Prince's Terrace)
Sunrise House (21-31 Old Bailey Street)
Tavistock (10 Tregunter Path)
Tavistock 2 (10 Tregunter Path)
The Albany (1 Albany Road)
The Harbourview (11 Magazine Gap Road)
The Mayfair (1 May Road)
The Royal Court- Mid Levels Central (3 Kennedy Road)
Tregunter (14 Tregunter Path)
Two MacDonnell Road (2 MacDonnell Road)
Valverde (11 May Road)
View Mansion (5L-5P Bowen Road)
Villa Elegance (1 Robinson Road)
Visalia Garden (48 Macdonnell Road)
Wealthy Heights (35-37 Macdonnell Road)
Welsby Court (78-80 Macdonnell Road)
William Mansion (16 - 18 MacDonnell Road)
Wilshire Park (12-14 MacDonnell Road)
Woodland Garden (10 MacDonnell Road)

Mid-Levels East Apartment Buildings

1 Shiu Fai Terrace (1 Shiu Fai Terrace)
10 Tung Shan Terrace (10 Tung Shan Terrace)
11-11A Tung Shan Terrace (11-11A Tung Shan Terrace)
12 Tung Shan Terrace (12 Tung Shan Terrace)
150 Kennedy Road (150 Kennedy Road)
18 Tung Shan Terrace (18 Tung Shan Terrace)
22 Tung Shan Terrace (22 Tung Shan Terrace)
24 Tung Shan Terrace (24 Tung Shan Terrace)
2D Shiu Fai Terrace (2D Shiu Fai Terrace )
47A Stubbs Road (Stubbs Road)
8 Shiu Fai Terrace (8 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Amber Garden - Kennedy Road (70-72 Kennedy Road)
Bamboo Grove (74-86 Kennedy Road)
Bellevue Court- Mid Levels East (41 Stubbs Road)
Beverly Court (2C Shiu Fai Terrace)
Bowen Place (11A Bowen Road)
Bowen Verde (6 Tung Shan Terrace)
Camelot Heights (66 Kennedy Road)
Chantilly (6 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Chenyu Court (22-24 Kennedy Road)
Chester Court (5 Tung Shan Terrace)
Cliveden Place (20 Tung Shan Terrace)
Craigmount (34 Stubbs Road)
Crescent Heights (3 Tung Shan Terrace)
East Garden (4 Tung Shan Terrace)
Evergreen Villa (43 Stubbs Road)
Ewan Court (54-56 Kennedy Road)
Fortune Court- Mid Levels East (43 Kennedy Road)
Fujiya Mansion (21-23A Kennedy Road)
Gallant Place (15 Tung Shan Terrace )
Golden Fair Mansions (4D-4E Shiu Fai Terrace)
Goodview Garden (24 Stubbs Road)
Grandview Tower (128-130 Kennedy Road)
Greencliff (23 Tung Shan Terrace)
Greenland Court (56-58 Macdonnell Road)
Greenville Gardens (14-17 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Hanaevilla (28-30 Stubbs Road)
Highcliff (41D Stubbs Road)
Hong Villa (12 Bowen Road)
Hoover Court (7-9 MacDonnell Road)
Josephine Court (12 Shiu Fai Terrace)
K.Y. Mansion (4A Shiu Fai Terrace)
Kantian Rise (62 Kennedy Road)
Kennedy Court (7A Shui Fai Terrace)
Kennedy Heights (10 Kennedy Road)
Kensington Court (4B-4C Shiu Fai Terrace )
Kui Yuen (8 Tung Shan Terrace)
Leon Court (12-14 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road)
Man Tung Building (41 Kennedy Road)
Man Yuen Garden (52A-52B Kennedy Road)
Mandarin Villa (10 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Merry Garden (90 Kennedy Road)
Miramar Villa (2B Shiu Fai Terrace)
Monmouth Place (9L Kennedy Road)
Monmouth Terrace (2 Monmouth Terrace)
Monmouth Villa (3 Monmouth Terrace)
Monticello (48 Kennedy Road)
Moon Fair Mansions (11 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Nicholson Tower (8 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road)
Notting Hill (1 Tung Shan Terrace)
Opus Hong Kong (53 Stubbs Road)
Phoenix Court - Kennedy Road (39 Kennedy Road)
Raceview Mansions (46 Stubbs Road)
Regent on the Park (9A Kennedy Road)
Richery Garden (19 Tung Shan Terrace)
Richery Palace (16 Tung Shan Terrace)
Rose Garden (9 Magazine Gap Road )
Royal Court- Mid Levels East (9M Kennedy Road)
Sakura Court (58-60 Kennedy Road)
Seaview Mansion (34 Kennedy Road)
Shama Mid Levels (9K Kennedy Road)
Sheffield Garden (5 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Shiu Fai Terrace Garden (3-4 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Silver Fair Mansions (2E-F Shiu Fai Terrace)
Stubbs Villa (2 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Suncrest Towers (1 Monmouth Terrace)
Taipan Court (47B Stubbs Road)
The Harmony (44 Stubbs Road)
The Summit (41C Stubbs Road)
United Mansion (7 Shiu Fai Terrace)
Victoria Height (43A Stubbs Road)
Villa Monte Rosa (41A Stubbs Road)
Well View Villa (17 Tung Shan Terrace)
White Jade (51 Stubbs Road)
Wing Fook Court (68 Kennedy Road)
Wing Hong Mansion (60-62 Macdonnell Road)
Wing Way Court (31 Kennedy Road)
Woodland Heights (2E-2F Wong Nai Chung Gap Road)

Mid-Levels West Apartment Buildings

1 Po Shan Road (1 Po Shan Road)
1 Prince's Terrace (1 Prince's Terrace)
1 Robinson Road (1 Robinson Road)
1-1A Kotewall Road (1-1A Kotewall Road )
10 Castle Lane (10 Castle Lane)
109C Robinson Road (109C Robinson Road)
11 Prince's Terrace (11 Prince's Terrace)
113 Caine Road (113 Caine Road)
12 Castle Lane (12 Castle Lane)
13 Prince's Terrace (13 Prince's Terrace)
134 Caine Road (134 Caine Road)
147 Caine Road (147 Caine Road)
1A Robinson Road (1A Robinson Road)
2 Hatton Road (2 Hatton Road)
2 Park Road (2 Park Road)
23 Po Shan Road (23 Po Shan Road)
25-27 Caine Road (25-27 Caine Road)
27F Robinson Road (27F Robinson Road)
2J Mosque Junction (2J Mosque Junction )
3 Chico Terrace (Chico Terrace / Peel Street)
3 Prince's Terrace (3 Prince's Terrace)
31 Robinson Road (31 Robinson Road)
31-37 Lyttelton Road (31-37 Lyttelton Road)
33-35 Robinson Road (33-35 Robinson Road)
39-41 Lyttelton Road (39-41 Lyttelton Road)
4 Seymour Terrace (4 Seymour Terrace)
40 Conduit Road (40 Conduit Road)
42-44 Robinson Road (42-44 Robinson Road)
45 Seymour Road (45 Seymour Road)
4A Castle Lane (4A Castle Lane )
5-7 Prince's Terrace (5-7 Prince's Terrace)
55 Conduit Road (55 Conduit Road)
56 Bonham Road (56 Bonham Road)
62B Robinson Road (62B Robinson Road)
64 Conduit Road (64 Conduit Road)
66 Robinson Road (66 Robinson Road)
7 Lyttelton Road (7 Lyttelton Road)
77-79 Caine Road (77-79 Caine Road)
80 Robinson Road (80 Robinson Road)
9 Prince's Terrace (9 Prince's Terrace)
94-96 Robinson Road (94-96 Robinson Road)
98-100 Robinson Road (98-100 Robinson Roa)
99 Robinson Road (99 Robinson Road)
Alassio (100 Caine Road)
Albron Court (99 Caine Road)
All Fit Garden (20-22 Bonham Road)
Alpine Court (12 Kotewall Road)
Altamira (18 Po Shan Road)
Arezzo (33 Seymour Road)
Argenta (63 Seymour Road)
Arts Building (36-40 Robinson Road)
Avon Court (21-23 Caine Road)
Azura (Seymour Road 2A)
Babington Hill (23 Babington Path)
Babington House (5 Babington Path)
Beaudry Tower (38 Bonham Road)
Beauty Court (82 Robinson Road)
Bella Vista (3 Ying Fai Terrace)
Belmont Court (10 Kotewall Road)
Blessings Garden (95 Robinson Road)
Bon-Point (11 Bonham Road)
Bonanza Court (3 Bonham Road)
Bonham Court (12 Bonham road )
Bonham Crest (52 Bonham Road)
Bonham Mansion (63 Bonham Road)
Bonham Terrace (24-26 Bonham Road)
Bonito Casa (4 Prince's Terrace)
Botanic Terrace (3 Conduit Road)
Breezy Court (2A Park Road)
Breezy Mansion (38D-38F Bonham Road)
Caine Building (22-22A Caine Road)
Caine Mansions (80-88 Caine Road)
Caineway Mansion (128-132 Caine Road)
Cambridge Garden (20 Babington Path)
Cameo Court (63-69 Caine Road)
Caravan Court (141-145 Caine Road)
Carble Garden (2-3 Seymour Terrace)
Carlos Court (64 Robinson Road)
Carol Mansion (36-42 Lyttelton Road)
Cartwright Gardens (1 Bonham Road)
Casa Bella (117 Caine Road)
Castle One by V (1 Castle Road)
Castle Villa (4 Castle Lane)
Central 8 (8 Mosque Street)
Centre Place (1 High Street)
Chatswood Villa (126 Caine Road)
Cheery Garden (6A Babington Path)
Cheong Ngar Court (57 Caine Road)
Cherry Court - Caine Road (107-109 Caine Road)
Cimbria Court (24 Conduit Road)
Cliffview Mansions (17-25 Conduit Road)
Cluny Park (53 Conduit Road)
Conduit 18 (16-18 Conduit Road)
Conduit 39 (39 Conduit Road)
Conduit Tower (20 Conduit Road)
Conway Mansions (29 Conduit Road)
Cordial Mansion (15 Caine Road)
Corona Tower (93 Caine Road)
Dragon Court (28 Caine Road)
Dragonview Court (5 Kotewall Road)
East Sun Mansions (39-41A Robinson Road)
Elegant Garden - Babington Path (18 Babington Path)
Elegant Garden - Conduit Road (11 Conduit Road)
Elegant Terrace - Conduit Road (36 Conduit Road)
Emerald Court (14 Conduit Road)
Emerald Gardens (36 Kotewall Road)
Euston Court (6 Park Road)
Excelsior Court (83 Robinson Road)
Fair Wind Manor (6A-6B Seymour Road)
Fairview Heights (1 Seymour Road)
Fairview Mansion - Robinson Road (84 Robinson Road)
First Mansion (102-108 Robinson Road)
Flora Court- Mid Levels West (95 Caine Road)
Floral Tower (22 Robinson Road / 1-9 Mosque Street)
Flourish Court (30 Conduit Road)
Fook Kee Court (6 Mosque Street)
Fook Wah Mansion (43-53 Lyttelton Road)
Fortune Gardens (11 Seymour Road)
Garfield Mansion (23 Seymour Road)
Glory Heights (52 Lyttelton Road)
Golden Court (17-19 Robinson Road)
Golden Lodge (9 Bonham Road)
Golden Pavilion (66 Caine Road)
Golden Phoenix Court (1-2 St. Stephen's Lane)
Golden Valley Mansion (135 - 137A Caine Road)
Goldwin Heights (2 Seymour Road)
Good View Court - Bonham Road (51-53 Bonham Road)
Good View Court- Robinson Road (21 Robinson Road)
Gramercy (Caine Road 38)
Grand Court - Mid-Levels West (6 Babington Path)
Grand Panorama (10 Robinson Road)
Greenland Garden (67-69 Lyttelton Road)
Greenview Gardens (125 Robinson Road)
Haddon Court (41C Conduit Road)
Hamilton Court (8 Po Shan Road)
Hansen Court (3 St Stephen's Lane)
Hanwin Mansion (71-77 Lyttelton Road)
Hatton Place (1A Po Shan Road)
Hilary Court (63G Bonham Road)
Hing Hon Building -Mid Levels (63B-F Bonham Road)
Hing Wah Mansion- Babington Path (1 Babington Path)
Hing Wah Mansions- Oaklands Path (2-4 Oaklands path)
Hing Ying Mansion (40-42 Bonham Road)
Hing Yip Building - Mid Levels West (7-8 Hing Hon Road)
Ho Shing House (59 Caine Road)
Hoi Ming Court (4 Babington Path)
Hong Kong Garden (8 Seymour Road)
Honiton Mansion (8 Honiton Road)
Honor Villa (75 Caine Road)
Hoover Mansion (10-16 Oaklands Path)
Ihong Mansion (7 St Stephen's Lane)
Imperial Court (62G Conduit Road)
Ivory Court (26-28 Conduit Road)
Jade Garden (105 Robinson Road)
Jadestone Court (136 - 138 Caine Road)
Jing Tai Garden (27 Robinson Road)
Ka Fu Building - Bonham Road (19-27 Bonham Road)
Ka Yee Court (23-37 Mosque Street)
Kam Kin Mansion (119-125 Caine Road)
Kam Ning Mansion (13-15 Bonham Road)
Kei Villa (6B Babington Path)
Kenyon Court (46A - 50 Bonham Road )
Kin Yuen Mansion (139 Caine Road)
King Ho Building (41-49 Aberdeen Street )
King's Court - Robinson Road (62D Robinson Road)
King's Garden (66 Conduit Road)
Kingsford Height (17-19 Babington Path)
Kingsland Court (66B-66C Bonham Road)
Kiu Sen Court (70 Conduit Road)
Lai Cheung House (90-92 Robinson Road)
Le Caine Mansion (33-37A Caine Road)
Lily Court Serviced Apartments (28 Robinson Road)
Losion Villa (8 Mosque Junction)
Lyttelton Garden (17-29 Lyttleton Road)
Manly Mansion (69A- 69B Robinson Road)
Maxluck Court (12 Mosque Street)
Medallion Heights (45 Conduit Road)
Merry Court (10 Castle Road)
Midland Court (58-62 Caine Road)
Minerva House (28-34 LYTTELTON ROAD)
Ming Garden (46-48 Robinson Road)
Mirror Marina (47 Conduit Road)
Mountain View Court (12 Conduit Road)
Nam Ning Mansion (58-60 Bonham Road)
Namning Mansion (58-60 Bonham Road)
Nikken Heights (12 Prince's Terrace)
Ning Yeung Terrace (78 Bonham Road)
Olympian Mansion (9 Conduit Road)
On Fung Building (110-118 Caine Road)
Orchid Serviced Apartments (22 Mosque Street)
Palatial Crest (3 Seymour Road)
Palm Court - Robinson Road (55 Robinson Road)
Panorama (15 Conduit Road)
Panorama Gardens (103 Robinson Road)
Park Height (12A Park Road)
Park View Court (1 Lyttelton Road)
Parksdale (5A-6A Park Road)
Parkway Court (4 Park Road)
Peace Court (64A Conduit Road)
Peace Tower (30-32 Robinson Road)
Peacock Mansion (3-3A Castle Road)
Peaksville (74 Robinson Road)
Pearl Gardens (7 Conduit Road)
Piccadilly Mansion (6 Po Shan Road)
Ping On Mansion (1B Babington Path)
Po Shan Mansions (10-16 Po Shan Road)
Po Yue Yuk Building (61 Robinson Road)
Po Yuen Building (39-41 Caine Road)
Primrose Court (56A Conduit Road)
Prince's Court (10 Prince's Terrace)
Prosperous Height (62 Conduit Road)
Reading Place (5 St. Stephen's Lane)
Realty Gardens (41 Conduit Road)
Rednaxela (1 Rednaxela Terrace)
Regal Crest (9 Robinson Road)
Rhenish Mansion- Mid-Levels West (84 Bonham Road)
Rhine Court (80-82 Bonham Road)
Richmond Court (111-113 Robinson Road)
Right Mansion (29 Robinson Road)
Robinson Crest (71-73 Robinson Road)
Robinson Garden Apartments (3-3G Robinson Road)
Robinson Heights (8 Robinson Road)
Robinson Mansion (77 Robinson Road)
Robinson Place (70 Robinson Road)
Roc Ye Court (11 Robinson Road)
Rowen Court (25 Babington Path)
Ryan Mansion (31-37 Mosque Street)
Savoy Court (101 Robinson Road)
Scenecliff (33 Conduit Road)
Scenic Garden (9 Kotewall Road)
Scenic Heights (58A-58B Conduit Road)
Scenic Rise (46 Caine Road)
Scholastic Garden (48 Lyttelton Road)
Serene Court, Mid Levels (8 Kotewall Road)
Seymour (9 Seymour Road)
Seymour Place (60 Robinson Road)
Sherwood Court - Mid-Levels (17-27 Mosque Junction )
Shing Kai Mansion (13-15 Babington Path)
Shing Kok Mansion (6C Babington Path)
Shiu Chung Court (21 Babington Path)
Skyline Mansion (51 Conduit Road)
Skyview Cliff (49 Conduit Road)
Smiling Court (65 Bonham Road)
Solon House (88 Robinson Road)
Sun Fat Building- Mid Levels West (4 Leung Fai Terrace)
Sun Luen Building (31 Bonham Road)
Sung Ling Mansion (1A Babington Path)
Sung Wah Mansion (28-30 Bonham Road)
Sussex Court (120 Caine Road)
Tai Shing Building - Caine Road (129-133 Caine Road)
Tak Mansion (5 Leung Fai Terrace)
The Babington (6D-6E Babington Path)
The Bellevue Place (8 U Lam Terrace)
The Fortune Gardens (11 Seymour Road)
The Icon (38 Conduit Road)
The Morgan (31 Conduit Road )
Tim Po Court (43 & 45 Caine Road)
Tycoon Court (8 Conduit Road)
University Heights (Kotewall Road) (42-44 Kotewall Road)
Valiant Park (52 Conduit Road)
Vantage Park (22 Conduit Road)
Villa Veneto (3 Kotewall Road)
Wah Sen Court (68 Conduit Road)
Wai Yan Court (68 Robinson Road)
Wellesley (23 Robinson Road)
Wilton Place (18 Park Road)
Windsor Court (6 Castle Road)
Wing Cheung Court (37-47 Bonham Road)
Winsome Park (42 Conduit Road)
Wisdom Court (5 Hatton Road)
Wise Mansion (Robinson Road 52)
Woodland Court (2-3 Woodlands Terrace)
Woodland Gardens (62A-62F Conduit Road)
Woodlands Court (1 Woodlands Terrace)
Woodlands Terrace (4 Woodlands Terrace)
Yee Ga Court (62 Bonham Road)
Yee Lin Mansion (54A-54D Conduit Road)
Yin Yee Mansion (63-67 Robinson Road)
Ying Fai Court (1 Ying Fai Terrace)
Ying Piu Mansion (1 Breezy Path)
Yuen Ming Building (13 Caine Road/ 11 Arbuthnot Road)
Yukon Court (2-4 Conduit Road)

North Point Apartment Buildings

20 Peacock Road (20 Peacock Road)
42-60 Tin Hau Temple Road (42-60 Tin Hau Temple Road)
64 Kai Yuen Street (64 Kai Yuen Street )
Asia Mansions (390-394 King's Road)
Beak Terrace Serviced Apartments (3 Comfort Terrace)
Bedford Garden (151-173 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Belle House (23 - 25 Whitfield Road)
Beverley Heights (56 Cloud View Road)
Braemar Hill Mansions (23-43 Braemar Hill Road)
Broadview Terrace (40 Cloud View Road)
Carson Mansion (117 King's Road)
Chu Kee Building (433-437 King's Road)
City Garden (233 Electric Road)
Comfort Heights (63 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Coral Court (116-126 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Cumine Court (50-66 King's Road)
Diva (133-139 Electric Road)
Dragon Court - North Point (6 Dragon Terrace)
Dragon Heart Court (11 Dragon Terrace)
Dragon Pride (18 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Dragon View Garden (16 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Eternal Building (112-114 Tsat Tsz Mui Road)
Evelyn Towers (38 Cloud View Road)
Fleur Pavilia (1 Kai Yuen Street)
Flora Garden - North Point (50 Cloud View Road)
Fortress Garden (32 Fortress Hill Road)
Fortress Metro Tower (238 King's Road)
Fulham Court (5-7 Tong Shui Road)
Full Wealth Gardens (1-10 Kai Yuen Terrace)
Garland House (14A North Point Road)
Glory Rise (128 Chun Yeung Street)
Grand Villa (31 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Hang Ying House (318-328 King's Road)
Hanking Court (43-49 Cloud View Road)
Harbour Glory (32 City Garden Road)
Harbour Heights (1 Fook Yum Road)
Healthy Gardens (560 King's Road)
High Life Mansion (12-14 Kai Yuen Street)
Hilltop Mansion (60 Cloud View Road)
Ho King View (2 Braemar Hill Road)
Hung Fuk Building (40-78 Kam Ping Street)
Island Lodge (180 Java Road)
Island Place (51 Tanner Road)
Jupiter Terrace (18 Jupiter Street)
Ka Wai Building (146-166 Java Road)
Kam Kee Building (74 Electric Road)
Kam Tao Building (4 Whitfield Road)
Kar On House (12 Cheong Hong Street)
Kar Wan Building (10-16 Yuet Yuen Street)
Kent Mansion (95-97 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Kin Yip Mansion (23-25 North Point Road)
King's Court - Fort Street (48-52 Fort Street)
Kingsfield Garden (1 Comfort Terrace)
Kingsford Gardens (202-216 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Kingsford Gardens - North Point (202-216 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Kiu Hing Mansion (14 King's Road)
Kui Lee Building (9-11 Mercury Street )
Kuisum Court (37 King's Road)
Kung Lee Building (94-96 Chun Yeung Street)
Kwong Chiu Terrace (4-6 Fortress Hill Road)
La Place de Victoria (632 King's Road)
Le Sommet (28 Fortress Hill Road)
Lime Habitat (38 Ming Yuen Western Street)
Luen Wo Apartments (296-308 Electric Road)
Magnolia Mansion (4 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Maiden Court (46 Cloud View Road)
Mainway Mansion (17-21 Yuet Yuen Street)
Melody Court (2C-2D Kam Hong Street)
Metropole Building (416-430 King's Road)
Ming Fai Building (20-36 Wharf Road)
Ming Yuen Centre (400-404 King's Road)
Ming Yuen Mansions - Stage 1 (1-31 Peacock Road)
Ming Yuen Mansions - Stage 2 (26-72 Peacock Road)
Ming Yuen Mansions - Stage 3 (16-18 Peacock Road)
Mount East (28 Ming Yuen Western Street)
North Point View Mansion (54 Kai Yuen Street )
Novum Point (3 Marble Road)
Odeon Building (28 Shu Kuk Street)
One Prestige (1 Yuet Yuen Street)
Oxford Court (24-26 Braemar Hill Road)
Pacific Palisades (1 Braemar Hill Road)
Pak Fuk Building (80-118 Kam Ping Street)
Park Towers (1 King's Road)
Po Wing Building - Shell St. (6-16 Shell Street)
Princess Mansion (165-175 King's Road)
Provident Centre (21 Wharf Road)
Rhenish Mansion - North Point (1-9 Lin Fa Kung Street East)
Rialto Mansion (177/181, 185/191A King's Road)
Sea Breeze Court (7A Comfort Terrace)
Seaview Garden - North Point (31 Cloud View Road)
Shama Fortress Hill (151 King's Road)
Shing Loong Court (13 Dragon Terrace)
Shun Hing Building - North Point (11-13 Whitfield Road)
Siu Wah Building (116-122 Tsat Tsz Mui Road)
Sky Horizon (35 Cloud View Road)
South View Building (13,15&17 Lau Li Street)
Southern Building (257-273 King's Road)
Summit Court (144-157 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Sunny House (268-270 King's Road)
Tanner Garden (18 Tanner Road)
Teemko Court (57-59 Java Road)
Tempo Court (4 Braemar Hill Road)
The Hemispheres (3 Gordon Road)
The Highview (8-10 Cloud View Road)
The Java (98 Java Road)
Trillion Court (1 Dragon Terrace)
Tung Fat Building (North Point) (21-27A Kam Ping Street)
United Building (135-145 King's Road/3 Oil Street)
Vicky Court (6 Comfort Terrace)
Victoria Centre (15 Watson Road)
Victoria Harbour (133 Java Road)
Victoria Harbour Residence (133 Java Road)
Viking Garden (42 Hing Fat Street)
Viking Villas (70 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Wah Hai Mansion (10-16 Fort Street)
Wah Lai Mansion (54-76 Marble Road)
Wilshire Towers (200 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Yalford Building (44-58 Tanner Road)
Yee On Mansion (8A-8D North Point Road)

Pokfulam Apartment Buildings

1-3 Crown Terrace (1-3 Crown Terrace )
10-16 Pokfield Road (10-16 Pokfield Road)
18-22 Crown Terrace (18-22 Crown Terrace)
18-24 Bisney Road (18-24 Bisney Road)
27-29 Consort Rise (27-29 Consort Rise)
29-31 Bisney Road (29 Bisney Road)
3 Consort Rise (3 Consort Rise)
33-33A Pokfulam Road (33-33A Pokfulam Road)
34&36 Bisney Road (34&36 Bisney Road)
59-61 Bisney Road (59-61 Bisney Road)
6-12 Crown Terrace (6-12 Crown Terrace)
60 Victoria Road (60 Victoria Road)
63-65 Bisney Road (63-65 Bisney Road)
68 Mount Davis Road (68 Mount Davis Road)
7 Mount Davis Road (7 Mount Davis Road)
88A-88C Pokfulam Road (88A-88C Pokfulam Road)
94A Pokfulam Road (94A Pokfulam Road)
Academic Terrace (101 Pokfulam Road)
Aegean Terrace (60 Sassoon Road)
Albany Court (51 - 53 Bisney Road)
Aqua 33 (Consort Rise 33)
Baguio Villas (555 Victoria Road)
Bayview Court (49 Mount Davis Road)
Bel-Air No.8 (8 Bel-Air Peak Avenue)
Bel-Air on the Peak (68 Bel-Air Avenue)
Bel-Air Rise Houses (Cyberport Road)
Bisney Gardens (25-27 Bisney Road)
Bisney Terrace (73-79 Bisney Road)
Bisney View (47-49 Bisney Road)
Bisney Villas - Consort Rise (19-21 Consort Rise)
Bisney Villas - Crown Terrace (5-13 Crown Terrace)
Cape Mansions (56-58 Mount Davis Road)
Carrianna Sassoon (41 Sassoon Road)
Charmview Court (73 Pokfulam Road)
Cheong Po Building (29-31 Po Tuck Street)
Cherry Court - Consort Rise (10 -12 Consort Rise )
Chi Fu Fa Yuen (1-20 Chi Fu Road)
CNT Bisney (28 Bisney Road)
Consort Garden (22-24 Consort Rise)
Crane Court (45 Sassoon Road )
Dor Fook Mansion (126 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Emerald Garden - Pokfulam (86 Pokfulam Road)
Felix Villas (61 Mount Davis Road )
Fook Wai Mansion (98 Pokfulam Road)
Four Winds (4 Mount Davis Road)
Fulham Garden (84 Pokfulam Road)
Glamour Court (39 Consort rise)
Greenery Garden (2A Mount Davis Road)
Hang Fai Building (22-32 Pokfulam Road)
High West (142 Pokfulam Road)
Honey Court (88 Pokfulam Road)
Honourgarten (11 Consort Rise)
Jessville (128 Pokfulam Road)
King's Court - Consort Rise (9 Consort Rise)
Kings Court - Consort Rise (9 Consort Rise)
Kingsfield Tower (73-83 Bonham Road)
La Clare Mansion (92 Pokfulam Road)
La Mer (71 Bisney Road)
Magnolia Villas (46 Sassoon Road)
Middleton Towers (140 Pokfulam Road)
Mount Davis Garden (5 Mount Davis Road)
Mount Davis Village (6&10 Mount Davis Road )
New Alberose (134 Pokfulam Road)
Ocean View (37 Mount Davis Road)
Old Alberose (132 Pokfulam Road)
On Lee (2 Mount Davis Road)
Pine Court - Pokfulam (23 Sha Wan Drive)
Pine Grove (23 Sha Wan Drive)
Pokfulam Court (94 Pokfulam Road)
Pokfulam Gardens (180 Pokfulam Road)
Pokfulam Heights (86A-86D Pokfulam Road)
Pokfulam Mansion (94B Pokfulam Road)
Pokfulam Terrace (8 Wah Fu Road)
Radcliffe (120 Pokfulam Road)
Regent Palisades (41-45A Bisney Road)
Residence Bel-Air (28 Bel-Air Avenue)
Residence Bel-Air South Towers (38 Bel-Air Avenue)
Rodrigues Court (350 Victoria Road)
Royalton 1 (118 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Royalton 2 (116 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Scenic Villas (2-28 Scenic Villa Drive)
Seascape (42 Sassoon Road)
Sunlight Court (30-32 Bisney Road)
Tam Gardens (25 Sha Wan Road)
Tam Towers (25 Sha Wan Drive)
The Belcher's (89 Pokfulam Road)
The Regalis (21 Crown Terrace)
Tsui On Court (71 Pokfulam Road)
University Heights (Pok Fu Lam) (23 Pokfield Road)
Victoria Garden (301 Victoria Road)
Villa Bel-Air (Bel-Air Peak Rise)
Villa Cecil - Phase II (192 Victoria Road)
Villa Cecil - Phase III (216 Victoria Road)
Villas Sorrento (64-66 Mount Davis Road)
Vista Mount Davis (52-54 Mount Davis Road)
Woodbury Court (137 Pokfulam Road)
World Fair Court (4 Wah Lok Path)
Y.Y. Mansion (96 Pokfulam Road)
Yar Chee Villas (1A Chi Fu Road)

Quarry Bay Apartment Buildings

Casa 880 (880-886 King's Road)
Dragon View House (6-16 Hoi Tat Street)
East Residences (23 Tong Chong Street)
Fok Cheong Building (1032-1044 King's Road)
Harbour Plaza - North Point (665 King's Road)
Hoi Kwong Court (9-15 Tong Chong Street)
King's View Court (907 King's Road)
Kornhill (Block A-H) (1-31 Hong Shing Street)
Kornhill (Block J-M) (31-45 Hong Yue Street)
Kornhill (Block N-R) (2-16 Hong On Street)
Kornhill Apartments (2 Kornhill Road)
Kornville (38 Yau Man Street)
Mansion Building (842-850 King's Road)
Mount Parker Lodge (10 Hong Park Path)
Mount Parker Residences (1 Sai Wan Terrace)
Nan Fung Sun Chuen (15-27 Greig Crescent)
Novum East (856 King's Road)
Oceanic Building (22-46 Finnie Street)
Ritz Garden Apartments (909-939 King's Road)
Riviera Mansion - Quarry Bay (18-22 Hoi Tai Street)
Royal Terrace (933 King's Road)
Sea View Building (29-41 Tong Chong Street / 31-43 Hoi Wan Street)
Sunway Garden (989-991A King's Road)
The Floridian (18 Sai Wan Terrace)
The Orchards (3 Greig Road)
Wah Shun Gardens (898 King's Road)
Westlands Court (7 Westlands Road)
Westlands Gardens (1025-1037 King's Road)
Yick Fat Building (1048-1056 King's Road)

Repulse Bay Apartment Buildings

110 Repulse Bay Road (110 Repulse Bay Road)
127 Repulse Bay Road (127 Repulse Bay Road)
13 Headland Road (13 Headland Road)
14 Headland Road (14 Headland Road )
16-18 Headland Road (16-18 Headland Road)
23 Repulse Bay Road (23 Repulse Bay Road)
24-24A Repulse Bay Road (24-24A Repulse Bay Road )
3 Headland Road (3 Headland Road)
3 Repulse Bay Road (3 Repulse Bay Road)
32 Repulse Bay Road (32 Repulse Bay Road)
36A Repulse Bay Road (36A Repulse Bay Road)
37 Repulse Bay Road (37 Repulse Bay Road)
38 Repulse Bay Road (38 Repulse Bay Road)
49-53 Beach Road (49-53 Beach Road)
5 Headland Road (5 Headland Road)
56 Repulse Bay Road (56 Repulse Bay Road)
6 Headland Road (6 Headland road)
7 Headland Road (7 Headland Road)
81 Repulse Bay Road (81 Repulse Bay Road)
84 Repulse Bay Road (84 Repulse Bay Road)
86 Repulse Bay Road (86 Repulse Bay Road)
9&10 Headland Road (9&10 Headland Road)
90 Repulse Bay Road (90 Repulse Bay Road)
96 Repulse Bay Road (96 Repulse Bay Road)
98 Repulse Bay Road (98 Repulse Bay Road)
Beachfront (7 Belleview Drive)
Belleview Place (93 Repulse Bay Road)
Celestial Garden (5 Repulse Bay Road)
Circle Lodge (79 Repulse Bay Road)
Fairview Court (94 Repulse Bay Road)
Fortuna Court- Repulse Bay (25 Repulse Bay Road)
Grosvenor Place (117 Repulse Bay Road)
Gulestan (125 Repulse Bay Road)
Helene Tower (123 Repulse Bay Road)
Manhattan Tower (63 Repulse Bay Road)
Ming Wai Gardens (45 Repulse Bay Road)
Monte Verde (41 Repulse Bay Road)
Monte Villa (121 Repulse Bay Road)
Overbays (71 Repulse Bay Road)
Pinecrest (65 Repulse Bay Road)
Pulsa (108 Repulse Bay Road)
Repulse Bay Apartments (101 Repulse Bay Road)
Repulse Bay Belleview Garden (5 Belleview Drive)
Repulse Bay Gardens (18-40 Belleview Drive)
Repulse Bay Heights (3 Belleview Drive)
Repulse Bay Mansions (113-115 Repulse Bay Road)
Repulse Bay Towers (119A Repulse Bay Road)
Repulse Bay Villa (Repulse Bay Road 74-80)
Ridge Court (21 Repulse Bay Road)
Royal Garden - Repulse Bay (27 Repulse Bay Road)
Sea Cliff Mansions (19A-19D Repulse Bay Road)
Somerset (67 Repulse Bay Road)
Spyglass Hill (96 Repulse Bay Road)
The Beachside (82 Repulse Bay Road)
The Brentwood (11 Repulse Bay Road)
The Cove (4 Headland Road )
The Lily (129 Repulse Bay Road)
The Lily- Serviced Apartments (129 Repulse Bay Road)
The Repulse Bay (109 Repulse Bay Road)
The Repulse Bay Serviced Apartments (101 Repulse Bay Road)
Twin Brook (43 Repulse Bay Road)
Villa Helvetia (69C-69F Repulse Bay Road)
Xanadu (102 Repulse Bay Road)

Sai Wan Ho Apartment Buildings

Lei King Wan (31 Tai Hong Street)

Sai Ying Pun Apartment Buildings

114 Queen's Road West (114 Queen's Road West)
168-172 Third Street (10A-C Water Street)
191-193 Queen's Road West (191-193 Queen's Road West)
1A-1E High Street (1A-1E High Street)
201 Des Voeux Road West (201 Des Voeux Road West)
21 High Street (21 High Street)
23 High Street (23 High Street)
24-28 Western Street (24-28 Western Street)
25 Eastern Street (25 Eastern Street)
27- 29 Eastern Street (27 Eastern Street)
3-4 David Lane (3-4 David Lane)
31-31A Pokfulam Road (31-31A Pokfulam Road)
345 Queen's Road West (345 Queen's Road West)
36-38 Centre Street (36-38 Centre Street)
388-390 Queen's Road West (388 - 390 Queen's Road West)
40 Centre Street (40 Centre Street)
416-418 Queen's Road West (416-418 Queen's Road West)
62-64 Centre Street (62-64 Centre Street)
63 Pokfulam (63 Pokfulam Road)
84 First Street (84 First Street)
88-90 High Street (88-90 High Street)
98 Second Street (98 Second Street)
Altro (116-118 Second Street)
Artisan House (1 Sai Yuen Lane)
Aspen Court (46 High Street)
Augury 130 (130 Des Voeux Road West)
AVA 128 (124-128 Des Voeux Road West)
Bank Building (259-269 Des Voeux Road West)
Bohemian House (321 Des Voeux Road West)
Bowie Court (77 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Cheong King Court (26-38 High Street)
Cheong Wing Court (5 Water Street)
Cheung Ling Mansion (162-164 Connaught Road West)
CHI Residences 120 (120 Connaught Road West)
Chong Yip Centre (11-21 Whitty Street)
Chong Yuen (14-16 Hospital Road)
Chun King Court (83 First Street)
Comfort Court, Sai Ying Pun (52-54 Third Street)
Connaught Garden (115 Connaught Road West)
Des Voeux Road West Building (406-408D Des Voeux Road West)
Eight South Lane (8 - 12 South Lane )
Eivissa Crest (100 Hill Road)
Elegant Garden - Queen's Road West (409 Queen's Road West)
Elite Court (29-35 Centre Street)
Flora Court- Sai Ying Pun (265-267 Queen's Road West)
Fook Moon Building (56-72 Third Street)
Fook On Building- Sai Ying Pun (192 Third street)
Fortune Villa - Sai Ying Pun (61-69 Hill Road)
Fung King Court (288 Queen's Road West)
Fung Shing Building (168 Connaught Road West)
Fung Sing Mansion (133 Third Street)
Fung Yat Building (38-40 Third Street)
Fung Yip Building (347-349 Des Voeux Road West)
Fung Yu Building (182-190 Third Street)
General Building (6-14 Centre Street)
Goodwill Garden (75-85 Third Street)
Hai Kwang Mansion (71-77 Hill Road)
Hang Hing Court (123-125 Third Street)
Hang Sing Mansion (48-78 High Street )
High House (19A & 19B High Street)
High Park 99 (99 High Street)
High West - Clarence Terrace (36 Clarence Terrace)
Hillview Garden (72 Hill Road)
Hing Tai Building (139-140 Connaught Road West)
Hing Yip Building- Sai Ying Pun (5-23 First Street)
Hoi Sing Building (141-143 Second Street)
Imperial Terrace (356 Queen's Road West)
Intelligent Court- Sai Ying Pun (28 Clarence Terrace)
Island Crest (8 First Street)
Jade Court - High Street (8 High Street)
Johnson Mansion (428-440 Queen's Road West)
Kam Fung Mansion (56-61 Bonham Road)
Kam Kwan Building (163-173 Des Voeux Road West)
Kam Ling Court - Sai Ying Pun (532-534 Queen's Road West)
Kam Shek House (38-42 Eastern Street)
Kensington Hill (98 High Street)
Kensington Mansion (351-353 Queen's Road West)
King Ming Mansion (69 Pokfulam Road)
King's Hill (38 Western Street)
Ko Chun Court (11 High Street)
Ko Nga Court (9 High Street)
Koon Wah Building (420-424 Queen's Road West)
Koosing Building (187-189 Des Voeux Road West)
Kui Yan Court (3 Kui Yan Lane)
Kwong Fung Terrace (163 Third Street)
Lai King Court (138 Third Street)
Lai On Building (15-19 Lai On Lane)
Lee Wah Building (111-117 Des Voeux Road West)
Lim Kai Bit Yip (65A-65B Bonham Road)
Luen Tak Building (180-188A Des Voeux Road West)
Lun Fung Court (363 Des Voeux Road West)
Macro Garden (128 Queen's Road West)
Mai Hing House (3-4 Hing Hon Road)
Manifold Court (36-46 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Medal Court (38 Queen's Road West)
Merit Court (294 Des Voeux Road West)
Mui Fong Apartments (190-194 Des Voeux Road West)
Nam Wah Mansion (5-9 South Lane)
New Start Building (330-336 Queen's Road West)
Nice Garden (513 Queen's Road West)
Novum West (460 Queen's Road West)
On Shun Mansion (125-126 Connaught Road West)
One ArtLane (8 Chung Ching Street)
One South Lane (1 South Lane)
Panview Court (162-166 Third Street)
Po Lam Court (67 Pokfulam Road)
Po Shu Mansion (35-37 Sands Street)
Princeton Tower (88 Des Voeux Road West)
Resiglow Bonham (8 Hing Hon Road)
Rice Merchants Building (77-78 Connaught Road West)
Rich Court- SYP (213 Queen's Road West)
Richsun Garden (51 Centre street)
Richwealth Mansion (158 Connaught Road West)
Rockson Mansion (25-35A Water Street)
Shun Tai Building (129 First Street)
Sik On House (54-66 Hill Road)
Silver Court (100 High Street )
Sing Fai Building (8-12 Wilmer Street)
Siu Cheung Building (1-7 Siu Cheung Fong)
Standard Mansion (316-320 Des Voeux Road West)
Sze Yap Building (73-79 Des Voeux Road West)
Tai Hing Building - SYP (119-127 Des Voeux Road West)
The Henry Serviced Apartment (322 Des Voeux Road West)
The Met. Sublime (1 Kwai Heung Street)
The Nova (88 Third Street)
The Summa (23 Hing Hon Road)
The Upton (180 Connaught Road West)
Tin Hing Building (295-305 Des Voeux Road West)
Tin Hing Mansion (295-305 Des Voeux Road West)
Tong Nam Mansion (43-47 Third Street)
True Light Building (100-106 Third Street)
Tung Cheung Building (1-11 Second Street)
Tung Ming Court (39 Pok Fu Lam Road)
Tung Wai Garden (419G Queen's Road West)
Viking Court (165-166 Connaught Road West )
Wah Fai Court (1-6 Ying Wa Terrace)
Wah Lap Building (251-253 Des Voeux Road West)
Wah Lee Building (210-218 Queens Road West)
Wealth Building (53-65 High Street)
West Grand Court (403-405 Queen's Road West)
Western Garden (83 Second Street)
Western House (164-170 Des Voeux Road West)
Wilmer Building (104-106 Connaught Road West)
Wing Cheung Building (19-29 Western Street)
Wing Sing Court (178-180 Third Street)
Wing Wah Mansion (425G-Z Queen's Road West)
Winsing Building (52-58 Des Voeux Road West)
Yee Fung Court (101 Third Street)
Yick Fung Building (94-96 Des Voeux Road West)
Ying Wa Court (12 Ying Wa Terrace)
Yue Sun Mansion- Second Street (68-80 Second Street)
Yue Sun Mansion- Third Street (89-99 Third Street)
Yuk Ming Towers (208 Third Street)
Zion Court (95A & 95B High Street)

Shau Kei Wan Apartment Buildings

18 Upper East (18 Shing On Street)
Grand Garden-Shau Kei Wan (8 Sai Wan Ho Street)
Grand Promenade (38 Tai Hong Street)
Harmony Place (333 Shau Kei Wan Road)
Hong Wah Mansion (18 Nam Hong Street)
i.UniQ Grand (157 Shau Kei Wan Road)
i.UniQ Residence (305 Shau Kei Wan Road)
Island Garden (33 Chai Wan Road)
Island Residence (163 Shau Kei Wan Road)
Lai Wan Building (33, 37-55 Shau Kei Wan Road)
Le Riviera (23 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East)
Les Saisons (28 Tai On Street)
Lime Gala (393 Shau Kei Wan Road)
Parker 33 (33 Shing On Street)
Scenic Horizon (250 Shau Kei Wan Road)
Shaukeiwan Plaza (17 Nam Hong Street)
Tai On Building (57-87 Shau Kei Wan Road)
The Oakridge (88 Yiu Hing Road)
Waterfront Suites (1 Oi Tak Street)
Winner Mansion (23 Nam On Street)

Shek O Apartment Buildings

11A-11D Shek O Headland (11A-11D Shek O Headland)
15 Shek O Headland Road (15 Shek O Headland Road)
25 Shek O Headland (25 Shek O Headland)
Shek O Road (Shek O Road)
UNIR Garden (4 Shek O Headland Road)

Sheung Wan Apartment Buildings

1 Des Voeux Road West (1 Des Veoux Road West)
1-3 Ping On Lane (1-3 Ping On Lane)
10 New Street (New Street 10)
10 On Wo Lane (10 On Wo Lane)
109-111 Wing Lok Street (109-111 Wing Lok Street)
11A Mercer Street (11A Mercer Street)
12 Gough Street (12 Gough Street)
122 Hollywood Road (122 Hollywood Road)
13-15 Peel Street (13-15 Peel Street)
14 Hillier Street (14 Hillier Street)
152-154 Hollywood Road/21 Square Street (152-154 Hollywood Road)
16 Possession Street (16 Possession Street )
16&16A Tai Ping Shan Street (16&16A Tai Ping Shan Street)
16-18 Kau U Fong (16-18 Kau U Fong)
17-21 Gough Street (17-21 Gough Street)
170-172 Hollywood Road (170-172 Hollywood Road)
180-182 Wellington Street (180-182 Wellington Street)
185 Wing Lok Street (185 Wing Lok Street)
188-190 Wing Lok Street (188-190 Wing Lok Street)
2 Po Yan Street (2 Po Yan Street)
20 Square Street (20 Square Street)
21 Aberdeen Street (21 Aberdeen Street)
21 New Street (21 New Street)
22 Upper Station Street (22 Upper Station Street)
228-230 Hollywood Road (228-230 Hollywood Road)
236 Hollywood Road (236 Hollywood Road)
24 Upper Station Street (24 Upper Station Street)
242 Hollywood Road (242 Hollywood Road)
245 Wing Lok Street (245 Wing Lok Street)
25-27 Aberdeen Street (25-27 Aberdeen Street)
26 Possession Street (26 Possession Street)
28 Aberdeen Street (28 Aberdeen Street)
33 Bridges Street (33 Bridges Street)
34 Tung Street (34 Tung Street)
34-36A Aberdeen Street (34-36A Aberdeen Street)
370 Queen's Road Central (370 Queen's Road Central)
379 Queen's Road Central (379 Queen's Road Central)
38-40 Aberdeen Street (38-40 Aberdeen Street)
38-42 Sai Street (38-42 Sai Street)
4 Shin Hing Street (4 Shin Hing Street)
4-6 Po Yan Street (4-6 Po Yan Street)
40-42 Circular Pathway (40-42 Circular Pathway)
40-42 Gough Street (40-42 Gough Street)
41-43 Gough Street (41-43 Gough Street )
41-43 Tung Street (41-43 Tung Street)
44-46 Sai Street (44-46 Sai Street)
48 New Market Street (48 New Market Street)
50 Tung Street (50 Tung Street)
50-56 Po Hing Fong (50-56 Po Hing Fong)
52 Elgin Street (52 Elgin street)
52 Gage Street (52 Gage Street)
55 Tung Street (55 Tung Street)
6 Po Hing Fong (6 Po Hing Fong)
61 Wellington Street (61 Wellington Street)
65 Hollywood Road (65 Hollywood Road)
68-70A Hollywood Road (68 Hollywood Road)
7-9 Upper Station Street (7-9 Upper Station Street)
70-72 Queen's Road West (70-72 Queen's Road West )
77-81 Hollywood Road (77-81 Hollywood Road)
8 Hillier Street (8 Hillier Street)
8 Tai On Terrace (8 Tai On Terrace)
8-10 Square Street (8-10 Square Street)
8-12 Upper Lascar Row (8-12 Upper Lascar Row)
84 Hollywood Road (84 Hollywood Road)
94 Hollywood Road (94 Hollywood Road)
Beak Lane Serviced Apartments (118 Queen's Road West)
Bonham Ville (5 Bonham Road)
Carbo Mansion (325 Queen's Road Central)
Central Mansion- Central (270-276 Queen's Road Central)
CentrePoint (72 Staunton Street)
Centrestage (108 Hollywood Road)
Cherry Crest (3 Kui In Fong)
Chuk On Building (19-25 Mercer Street / 33-35 Jervois street)
Chung Shan House (2-10 Gough St/11B-11E Aberdeen St)
Curios Court (209-223 Hollywood Road)
Dawning Height (80 Staunton Street)
Des Voeux Building (25 Des Voeux Road West)
Elegance Court (6-14 Upper Station Street)
Elite's Place (68-82 Ko Shing Street)
Everprofit Commercial Building (34-36 Ko Shing Street)
Evora Building (68 Lok Ku Road)
Fu Yin Court (39 Hill Road)
Goldfield Building (42-44 Connaught Road West )
Goodview Court (1 Tai Ping Shan Street)
Grandview Garden - Sheung Wan (18 Bridge's Street)
Hang Fat Building (138-140 Wing Lok Street)
Hang Fat Trading House (52 Bonham Strand West)
Hang Lok Building (128-130 Wing Lok Street)
Hang Shing Lau (219 Queen's Road Central)
Hang Yue Building (334-350 Des Voeux Road West)
Hillier Building (273-277 Hiller Street)
Hing Lung House (248 Hollywood Road)
Hollywood Building (186-190A Hollywood Road)
Hollywood Terrace (123 Hollywood Road)
Hongway Garden (7 On Tai Street)
Hung Cheong House (7 Mee Lun Street)
Hung Kei Mansion (5-8 Queen Victoria Street)
Ichang House (61 Caine Road)
Ka Fung Building (23-25 Bonham Strand West)
Ka On Building (Sheung Wan) (8-14 Connaught Road West)
Kai Fat Building (204-210 Wing Lok Street)
Kai Fung Mansion (2-24 Jervois Street)
Kam Fung Building - Sheung Wan (8 Cleverly Street)
Kam Ho Mansion (157 - 163 Hollywood Road)
Kam Shing House (21-23 Hillier Street)
Kam Tong Court (47A Elgin Street)
Kar Ho Building (35 -39 Graham Street)
Kee On Building (198-202 Hollywood Road)
Kelford Mansion (168 Hollywood Road)
Kian Nan Mansion (81-85 Bonham Strand West)
Kin Hing House - Gough Street (28-32 Gough Street)
Kiu Fat Building (115-119 Queen's Road West)
Kiu Kwong Mansion (35-41 Bonham Strand (W) / 201-203 Wing Lok Street)
Ko Shing Building-Ko Shing Street (48-66 Ko Shing Street)
Kwai Hoi Lau (224-226 Hollywood Road)
Kwong Yuen Lau (3-5 Gough Street)
Lai Yan Lau (42-56 Queen's Road West)
Lascar Court (3 Lok Ku Road)
Man King Building (9-11 Bonham Strand W)
Mandarin Building (35-43 Bonham Strand)
Manhattan Avenue (255 Queen's Road Central)
Mee Lun House (2-4 Mee Lun Street)
Midland Centre (328 Queen's Road C)
My Central (23 Graham Street)
Nam Pak Hong Building (22-28 Bonham Strand W.)
New Central Mansion (39-49 Gage Street)
New Mansion (2-8 New Street)
On Lok Building (1-4 Tai On Terrace)
On Lok House (39-43 Hollywood Road)
On Wing Building (51-59 Bonham Strand)
One Eleven (111 High Street)
One Pacific Heights (1 Wo Fung Street)
Ovolo 222 Hollywood Road (222 Hollywood Road)
Po Hing Court (10-18 Po Hing Fong)
Po Hing Mansion - Wa Ning Lane / Po Hing Fong (1-6 Wa Ning Lane)
Po Hing Mansions - Rutter Street (20 Rutter Street)
Po Lung Building (89-95 Hollywood Road)
Po Lung Building (89-95 Hollywood Road)
Po Thai Building (9 Possession Street)
Po Wan Building (6 Tai Ping Shan Street)
Pong Fai Building (2-8 Lok Ku Road)
Queen's Terrace (1 Queen Street)
Rich View Terrace (26-50 A Square Street)
Sea View Mansion- Connaught Road West (82-87 Connaught Road West)
Shing Po Building (16-20 Ko Shing Street)
Shing Wan Building (66-68 Des Voeux Road West)
Shun Loong Mansion (86 Bonham Strand)
Silver Jubilee Mansion (62-72 Po Hing Fong)
Soho 189 (189 Queen's Road West)
Sun Shing Mansion (27-39 Queen's Road West)
Tai Fat Building (31-43 Ko Shing Street)
Tai Hing Building- Sheung Wan (22-34 Po Hing Fong)
Tai Ming Building (39 Sai Street)
Tai Ping Building (22-24A Tai Ping Shan Street)
Tai Ping Mansion (208/214 Hollywood Road)
Tai Shing Building- Bonham Strand West (43-47 Bonham Strand West)
Tai Shun Building (5 Square Street)
Tai Wing House (199A-201A Hollywood Road)
Talon Tower (38 Connaught Road West)
The Pierre (1 Coronation Terrace)
Tower 125 (11 Po Yan Street)
Treasure View - Sheung Wan (68 Wing Lok Street)
Tung Shing Terrace (39-49 Bridges Street)
Tung Tze Terrace (6 Aberdeen Street )
TWOTWOSIX (224-226 Hollywood Road)
Universal Building (5-13 New Street)
Urbana 38 (38-40 Ko Shing Street)
View Villa (38 Tai Ping Shan Street)
Wah Koon Building (181-199 Hollywood Road)
Wallock Mansion (219-221 Wing Lok Street)
Welland Building (350-368 Queen's Road Central)
Wing Fai Building (164-166 Wing Lok Street)
Wing Lok Mansion (160-162 Wing Lok Street)
Wing Shun Building (64-66 Bonham Strand West)
Wing Wa Mansion (10-12 Hospital Road)
Wing Yu Building (31-33 Bonham Strand West)
Winner Court (18 Hospital Road)
Yen Fook Mansion (120-126 Second Street)
Yu Hing Mansion (55 Bonham Strand West)

Shouson Hill Apartment Buildings

1-9 Shouson Hill Road East (1-9 Shouson Hill Road East)
10 Shouson Hill Road (10 Shouson Hill Road)
12 Shouson Hill Road (12 Shouson Hill Road )
12-14 Shouson Hill Road West (12-14 Shouson Hill Road West)
3-3E Shouson Hill Road (3-3E Shouson Hill Road)
39 Shouson Hill Road (39 Shouson Hill Road)
41-41F Shouson Hill Road (41-41F Shouson Hill Road)
47-49 Shouson Hill Road (47-49 Shouson Hill Road)
8 Shouson Hill Road East (8 Shouson Hill Road East )
Ann Gardens (29 Shouson Hill Road)
Bay Villas (57-71 Shouson Hill Road)
Beaconsfield Court (7 Shouson Hill Road)
Country Villa (4 Shouson Hill Road)
Elite Villas (22 Shouson Hill Road)
Evergreen Gardens (18 Shouson Hill Road)
Goldson Place (11 Shouson Hill Road West)
Grenbelle Gardens (25 Shouson Hill Road)
Hau Yuen (51 Shouson Hill Road)
Helene Court (14 Shouson Hill Road)
Henredon Court (8 Shouson Hill Road)
Jade Crest (35A-H Shouson Hill Road)
Joy Garden (13 Shouson Hill Road West)
Las Pinadas - Shouson Hill (33 Shouson Hill Road)
Manderly Garden (48 Deep Water Bay Road)
Ming Villas (39B-39F Shouson Hill Road)
Orchid Hill (26A-26H Shouson Hill Road)
Pine Lodge (10 Shouson Hill Road West)
Shouson Garden (6A Shouson Hill Road)
Shouson Peak (9-19 Shouson Hill Road)
Shouson Villa (16A-D Shouson Hill Road)
Springfield Gardens (5-9 Shouson Hill Road West)
The Carmina (7-9 Deep Water Bay Drive)
The Hazelton (6 Shouson Hill Road)
Unicorn Gardens (11 Shouson Hill Road East)
Woodgreen Estate (5 Shouson Hill Road)
Xanadu Court (30 Shouson Hill road)

Soho Apartment Buildings

1 U Lam Terrace (1 U Lam Terrace)
11 Chancery Lane (11 Chancery Lane)
11-13 Old Bailey Street (11-13 Old Bailey Street)
15 Shelley Street (15 Shelley Street)
16 Shelley Street (16 Shelley Street)
17 Peel Street (17 Peel Street)
17&17A Shelley Street (17 & 17A Shelley Street)
18 Shelley Street (18 Shelley Street)
19 Old Bailey Street (19 Old Bailey Street)
2 U Lam Terrace (2 U Lam Terrace)
2-4 Elgin Street (2-4 Elgin street)
2-4 Staunton Street (2-4 Staunton Street)
21 Elgin Street (21 Elgin Street)
26A-28 Peel Street (26A-28 Peel Street)
27-31 Elgin Street (27-31 Elgin Street)
3 U Lam Terrace (U Lam Terrace 3)
32A-32C Staunton Street (32A-32C Staunton Street)
34 Staunton Street (34 Staunton Street)
36-38 Elgin Street (36 Elgin Street)
37-39 Elgin Street (37-39 Elgin Street)
40 Elgin Street (40 Elgin Street)
40 Staunton Street (40 Staunton Street)
46-50 Elgin Street (46-50 Elgin Street)
46-52A Peel Street (46-52A Peel Street)
49-49C Elgin Street (49-49C Elgin Street)
6-8 Staunton Street (6-8 Staunton Street)
60-62 Staunton Street (60-62 Staunton Street )
63-63A Peel Street (63-63A Peel Street )
65-65A Peel Street (65-65A Peel Street)
68 Peel Street (68 Peel Street)
70 Peel Street (70 Peel Street)
76 Peel Street (76 Peel Street)
9 Elgin Street (9 Elgin Street)
9-13 Shelley Street (9-13 Shelley Street )
Amber Lodge - Soho (23 Hollywood Road)
Asiarich Court (5 Staunton Street)
Cambridge Villa (8-10 Chancery Lane)
Chung Hing Court (67 Peel Street)
Como Como Hollywood (118 Hollywood Road)
Escapade (55 Elgin Street)
Fat Li Mansion (Peel Street 62-64)
Hollywood House (27-29 Hollywood Road)
Kam Lei Building (80-82 Peel Street)
Kwan Fat House (44-46 Staunton Street)
Lee Wah Mansion (171-177 Hollywood Road)
Million City (26-30 Elgin Street)
Shama Hollywood (52 Hollywood Road)
Shelley Court (21 Shelley Street)
Soho 38 (38 Shelly Street)
Soho 69 (69 Hollywood Road)
SOHO Plus (6-7 Wo On Lane)
Staunton Building (14-18 Staunton Street)
Tai Lee Building (15-19 Elgin Street)
The Elgin (51 Elgin Street)
The Mood Soho (5B Chancery Lane)
The Staunton Suites (22 Staunton Street)
Treasure View - SoHo (10-12 Staunton Street)
Wai Yuen Building (12-14 Elgin Street)
Winning House (26 - 28 Hollywood Road)

South Bay Apartment Buildings

12A South Bay Road (12A South Bay Road)
16-18 South Bay Road (16-18 South Bay Road)
17 South Bay Road (17 South Bay Road)
27-31 South Bay Road (29-31 South Bay Road)
35 South Bay Road (35 South Bay Road)
7 South Bay Close (7 South Bay Close)
Belgravia (57 South Bay Road)
Burnside Villa (9 South Bay Road)
Grand Garden- South Bay (61 South Bay Road)
Lakeside Apartment (23-25 South Bay Road)
Panarama Terrace (12 South Bay Road)
Riviera Apartments (4 South Bay Road)
Ruby Court (55 South Bay Road)
South Bay Garden (33 South Bay Close)
South Bay Palace (25 South Bay Close)
South Bay Towers (59 South Bay Road)
South Bay Villas (4 South Bay Close)
Splendour Villa (10 South Bay Road)
The Nautilus (16A South Bay Road)
Tropicana Court (45 South Bay Close)

Stanley Apartment Buildings

1 Stanley Main Street (1 Stanley Main Street)
10 Stanley Mound Road (10 Stanley Mound Road)
14 Stanley Beach Road (14 Stanley Beach Road)
14 Stanley Mound Road (14 Stanley Mound Road)
18-22 Stanley Mound Road (18-22 Stanley Mound Road)
22 Wong Ma Kok Road (22 Wong Ma Kok Road)
28 Stanley Village Road (28 Stanley Village Road)
32 Stanley Village Road (Stanley )
37 Tung Tau Wan Road (37 Tung Tau Wan Road)
4 Hoi Fung Path (4 Hoi Fung Path)
43 Stanley Village Road (43 Stanley Village Road)
50 Stanley Village Road (50 Stanley Village Road)
51-53 Stanley Village Road (51-53 Stanley Village Road)
52 Stanley Village Road (52 Stanley Village Road)
6 Stanley Beach Road (6 Stanley Beach Road)
6-8 Stanley Village Road (6-8 Stanley Village Road)
Banoo Villa (2 Tung Tau Wan Road)
Banyan Villas (9 Stanley Village Road)
Bayside House (5B Stanley Main Street)
Beach Pointe (16 Stanley Beach Road/ 2 Stanley Mound Road)
Carmel Hill (12 Carmel Road)
Carmelia (60 Stanley Village Road)
Chik Tak Mansion (9-13 Stanley New Street)
Country Apartments (17-23 Stanley Village Road)
Eden View (18 Stanley Village Road)
Fairwinds (29-31 Tung Tau Wan Road)
Gordon Terrace (4 - 8A Carmel Road)
Grosse Pointe Villa (4 Stanley Village Road)
Helene Garden (22 Stanley Beach Road)
Ho's Villa (28 Stanley Mound Road)
Horizon Crest (22 Stanley Village Road)
L'Harmonie (3 Stanley Mound Road)
Llandaff House (2-6 Stanley Main Street)
Louisette (20 Stanley Beach Road)
Lung Tak Court (52 Cape Road)
Lung Yan Court (60 Cape Road)
Parisian (8 Stanley Mound Road)
Pine Villa (49 Stanley Village Road)
Regalia Bay (88 Wong Ma Kok Road)
Sea and Sky Court (92 Stanley Main Street)
Stanford Villa (7 Stanley Village Road)
Stanley Beach Villa (90 Stanley Main Street)
Stanley Breeze (12-12A Stanley Beach Road)
Stanley Court (9 Stanley Mound Road)
Stanley Crest (5 Stanley Beach Road)
Stanley Green (66 Stanley Village Road)
Stanley Knoll (42 Stanley Village Road)
Stanley Oriental Hotel (90B Stanley Main Street)
Tai Tam Village (Tai Tam Road)
Talloway Court (90A Stanley Main Street)
Three Bays (7 Stanley Beach Road )
Tytam Village (Stanley)
U-C Court (Stanley Market Road)
Villa Fiorelli (80 Stanley Main Street)
Villa Martini (8 Stanley Beach Road)
Vista Stanley (20 Stanley Village Road)
Yau Shing Lau (52-56 Stanley Main Street)
Yau Wing Lau (34-38 Stanley Main Street)

Tai Hang Apartment Buildings

1 Tai Hang Road (1 Tai Hang Road)
10-10A Wang Fung Terrace (10-10A Wang Fung Terrace)
10A-11A Sun Chun Street (10A-11A Sun Chun Street)
15-16 Li Kwan Avenue (15-16 Li Kwan Avenue)
16-18 Tai Hang Road (16-18 Tai Hang Road)
2 Wang Fung Terrace (2 Wang Fung Terrace)
24,25,26 School Street (24,25,26 School Street)
3&4 Li Kwan Avenue (3&4 Li Kwan Avenue)
3-3E Wang Fung Terrace (3-3E Wang Fung Terrace)
4A-4D Wang Fung Terrace (4A-4D Wang Fung Terrace)
5 Shepherd Street (5 Shepherd Street)
5 Wang Fung Terrace (5 Wang Fung Terrace)
5 Yik Kwan Avenue (5 Yik Kwan Avenue)
52 Tai Hang Road (52 Tai Hang Road)
Avalon (17-19 Tai Hang Road)
Bellevue Heights (8 Tai Hang Drive )
C.C. Lodge (56 Tai Hang Road)
Carnation Court (41-47 Tai Hang Road)
Carrie Garden (345 Tai Hang Road)
Chi Foo Building (1 Yik Kwan Avenue)
Dragon Court - Tai Hang (30 Tai Hang Road)
Dragon Garden (1 Chun Fai Terrace)
Elegant Court- Tai Hang (333 Tai Hang Road)
Elm Tree Towers (8-10 Chun Fai Road)
Fontana Gardens (1-25 Ka Ning Path)
Gardenview Heights (19 Tai Hang Drive)
Gold King Mansion (7 Tai Hang Drive)
Gold Ning Mansion (5 Tai Hang Drive)
Grand Deco Tower (26 Tai Hang Road)
Grandview Mansions (1 Wang Fung Terrace)
Green Village (8A-8D Wang Fung Terrace )
Harvest Moon Villa (5 Fuk Kwan Avenue)
Hecny Court (13-14 Wang Fung Terrace)
Illumination Terrace (5-7 Tai Hang Road)
Jade Court- Tai Hang (6 Yik Kwan Avenue)
Jardine Summit (50A-C Tai Hang Road)
Jardine's Lookout Garden Mansion (148-150 Tai Hang Road)
Jolly Garden (Wang Fung Terrace 7)
Jolly Villa (Tai Hang Road 8)
Kan Oke House (28-28A Tai Hang Road)
Kanfield Mansion (44-49 Sun Chun Street)
Marlborough House (154 Tai Hang Road)
Mayflower Mansion (11 Wang Fung Terrace)
Morengo Court (23-25 Tai Hang Road)
Oi Kwan Court - Fuk Kwan Avenue (6A Fuk Kwan Avenue)
Park Garden (6 Tai Hang Drive)
Rich Building (28 Ormsby Street)
Ronsdale Garden (25 Tai Hang Drive)
Rosedale (6 Fuk Kwan Avenue)
Royal Court- Tai Hang (52A Tai Hang Road)
Scenic Lodge (6 Wang Fung Terrace)
Serenade (11 Tai Hang Road)
Shun Shing Terrace (83-87 Tai Hang Road)
Sunrise Court-Tai Hang (54 Tai Hang Road)
Swiss Towers (113 Tai Hang Road)
Tai Hang Terrace (5 Chun Fai Road)
The Elegance (60 TAI HANG ROAD)
The Legend (23 Tai Hang Drive)
The Signature (8 Chun Fai Terrace)
Trafalgar Court (70 Tai Hang Road)
Verde Green (16 Wang Fung Terrace)
Wah Fung Mansion (27 Tai Hang Road)
Wan Chui Yuen (325-331 Tai Hang Road)
Warrenwoods (23 Warren Street)
Winway Court (3 Tai Hang Road)
Wun Sha Court (1-5 Wun Sha Street)
Y.I. (10 Tai Hang Road)
Yik Kwan Villa (8 Yik Kwan Avenue)
Yukon Heights (21 Tai Hang Road)

Tai Tam Apartment Buildings

19 Tai Tam Road (19 Tai Tam Road)
46 Tai Tam Road (46 Tai Tam Road)
Beaufort View (12-16 Tai Tam Road)
Belgravia Heights (27 Tai Tam Road)
Bluewater (25 Tai Tam Road)
Faber Court (29-31 Tai Tam Road)
Faber Villa (17 Tai Tam Road)
Hong Kong Parkview (88 Tai Tam Reservoir Road)
Hong Kong Parkview Serviced Apartments (88 Tai Tam Reservoir Road)
Le Palais (8 Pak Pat Shan Road)
Link Estate (12-22 Black's Link)
Majestic Court (9 Tai Tam Road)
Pacific View (38 Tai Tam Road)
Park Place (7 Tai Tam Reservoir Road)
Red Hill Park (12 Pak Pat Shan Road)
Rosecliff (20 Tai Tam Road)
Tai Tam Crescent (18 Tai Tam Road)
The Manhattan (33 Tai Tam Road)
The Redhill Peninsula (18 Pak Pat Shan Road)
Villa Rosa (88 Redhill Road)

The Peak Apartment Buildings

1 Coombe Road (1 Coombe Road)
1 Homestead Road (1 Homestead Road)
11 Coombe Road (11 Coombe Road)
11 Pollock's Path (11 Pollock's Path)
2 Barker Road (2 Barker Road)
21 Coombe Road (21 Coombe Road)
21 Severn Road (21 Severn Road)
22A-22B Mount Austin Road (22A & 22B Mount Austin Road )
23 Plantation Road (23 Plantation Road)
24 Middle Gap Road (24 Middle Gap Road)
26 Magazine Gap Road (26 Magazine Gap Road)
27 Plantation Road (27 Plantation Road )
28 Barker Road (28 Barker Road)
28 Gough Hill Road (28 Gough Hill Road)
28 Severn Road (28 Severn Road)
29 Severn Road (29 Severn Road)
3 Plunkett's Road (3 Plunkett's Road)
31 Barker Road (31 Barker Road)
33 Magazine Gap Road (33 Magazine Gap Road)
34B Lugard Road (34B Lugard Road)
35A Mount Kellett Road (35A Mount Kellett Road )
37 Barker Road (37 Barker Road)
40 Peak Road (40 Peak Road)
42 Plantation Road (42 Plantation Road)
46 Plantation Road (46 Plantation Road)
56 Plantation Road (56 Plantation Road)
7-15 Mount Kellett Road (7-15 Mount Kellett Road )
73,75 & 77 Plantation Road (73,75 & 77 Plantation Road)
74 Mount Kellett Road (74 Mount Kellett Road)
8 Severn Road (8 Severn Road)
84 Peak Road (84 Peak Road)
9 Coombe Road (9 Coombe Road)
99,101,103 Peak Road (99,101,103 Peak Road )
Abergeldie (52 Plantation Road)
Altadena (27 Barker Road)
Barker Villa (41 Barker Road)
Cameron House (40 Magazine Gap Road)
Cameron Lodge (5 Mount Cameron Road)
Cameron Mansions (36 Magazine Gap Road)
Carolina Gardens (20-34 Coombe Road)
Charles Mansion (25 Plantation Road)
Chateau de Peak (8 Mount Kellett Road)
Chelsea Court- The Peak (63 Mount Kellett Road)
Cheuk Nang Lookout (30 Severn Road)
Cloud Nine (9 Plunkett's Road)
Cloudlands (35-37 Plantation Road)
Coombe Apartments (15-17 Coombe Road)
Eredine (38 Mount Kellett Road)
Fung Shui (50 Plantation Road)
Galesend (6 Bluff Path)
Guildford Court (5 Guildford Road)
Guildford Garden (1-3 Mansfield Road)
Haking Mansions (43 Barker Road)
Hirst Mansions (30 Lugard Road)
Interocean Court (No.26 Peak Road)
Kellett Heights (61A-61B Mount Kellett Road)
Kellett View Town House (65-69 Mount Kellet Road)
Kellett Villas (51 Mount Kellett Road )
Kelletteria (71 Mount Kellett Road)
King's Court - Mt. Kellett Road (5 Mount Kellett Road)
La Hacienda (27-33 Mount Kellett Road)
Montebello (15-17 Plantation Road)
Mount Austin Estate (5 Mount Austin Road)
Mountain Lodge (44 Mount Kellett Road)
Oasis (8-12 Peak Road)
Ondina Heights (62-66 Peak Road)
Orient Crest (74-76 Peak Road)
Overthorpe (24-28 Mount Austin Road)
Peak Gardens (16-20 Mount Austin Road)
Peak Villas (86-88 Peak Road)
Plantation Heights (29 Plantation Road)
Ridgeway (33 Plantation Road)
Severn Villa (3 Severn Road)
Sherwood's Bluff (10 Bluff Path)
Stewart Terrace (81-95 Peak Road)
Strawberry Hill (36 Plantation Road)
Sunshine Villa (48 Mount Kellett Road)
The Apex (16 Mount Austin Road)
The Belvedere (53-61 Plantation Road)
The Mount Austin (The Mount Austin)
Twelve Peaks (12 Mount Kellett Road)
Undercliff (47-49 Plantation Road)
Villa De Victoria (19 Plantation Road)
Villa Verde (4-18 Guilford Road)
Vivian Court (18-22 Mount Kellett Road)
Watford Villa (18-28 Watford Road)

Tin Hau Apartment Buildings

164-166 Tung Lo Wan Road (164-166 Tung Lo Wan Road)
Aroma Court (17 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Hacienda (88-94 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Kin Wah House (176-178 Tung Lo Wan Road)
King Fai Court (19-21 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Lily Court - Lily Street (2-8 Lily Street)
Man Hoi Building (98-100 Electric Road)
Skyscraper (132-142 Tin Hau Temple Road)
Sun Fat Mansion (140-146A Tung Lo Wan Road)
The Mercury Serviced Apartments (23 Mercury Street)
The Pavilia Hill (18A Tin Hau Temple Road)
Victoria Court (50-56 Hing Fat Street)

Wan Chai Apartment Buildings

1 Star Street (1 Star Street )
1 Wing Fung Street (1 Wing Fung Street)
1-3 Moon Street (1-3 Moon Street)
1-5 Sau Wa Fong (1-5 Sau Wa Fong)
106-108 Queen's Road East (106-108 Queen's Road East)
11-11A Kennedy Street (15 Lung On Street)
126W Apartments (126 Wan Chai Road)
131A Queen's Road East (131A Queen's Road East)
14 Tai Yuen Street (14 Tai Yuen Street)
15 St. Francis Street (15 St. Francis Street )
151 Lockhart Road (151 Lockart Road)
163 Hennessy Road (163 Hennessy Road)
169-170 Gloucester Road (169-170 Gloucester Road)
236 Lockhart Road (236 Lockhart Road)
25-27 Queen's Road East (25-27 Queen's Road East)
252 Lockhart Road (252 Lockhart Road)
288-290 Lockhart Road (288-290 Lockhart Road)
3-5 Wood Road (3-5 Wood Road)
31 Wing Fung Street (31 Wing Fung Street )
31-36 Sau Wa Fong (31-36 Sau Wa Fong)
5 Moon Street (5 Moon Street)
5 Star Street (5 Star Street )
71 Wan Chai Road (71 Wan Chai Road)
91-93 Queen's Road East (91-93 Queen's Road East)
Able Building (13-15 St. Francis Yard)
Antung Building (6-16 Tai Wong Street East)
Apartment Kapok (28 Harbour Road)
Australian Mansion (7-9 Luard Road)
Bo Fung Mansion (9-11 St. Francis Street)
Bowrington Building (2-16A Bowrington Road)
Brilliant Court - Wan Chai (8 Kennedy Street)
Cactus Mansion (1-19 Mcgregor Street)
Caine Mansion - Wan Chai (Lockhart Road 384-388)
Capital Building (175-191 Lockhart Road)
Cathay Lodge (125 Wan Chai Road)
Causeway Centre (28 Harbour Road)
Cheong Chun Building (14-18 Heard Street/6-10A Wood Road)
Cheong Hong Mansion (25-33 Johnston Road)
Cheong Ip Building (344-354A Hennessy Road )
CHI Residences 138 (138 Johnston Road)
Chiu Hin Mansion (94-102 Johnson Road)
Chong Hing Building (265-267 Hennessy Road)
Chung Nam Mansion-Wanchai (148-158 Johnston Road)
Chung Wui Apartments (106-114 Wan Chai Road)
City Centre Building (144-149 Gloucester Road)
Convention Plaza Apartments (1 Harbour Road)
David House (37-39 Lockhart Road)
Diamond Building (6-18 Tin Lok Lane)
East Asia Mansion (23-29 Hennessy Road)
Eastman Court (231 Hennessy Road)
Everwin Mansion (18 Johnston Road)
Fook Gay Mansion (375-379 Lockhart Road)
Fortune Building- Wanchai (7D-F O'Brien Road)
Fu Kar Building (222-230 Johnston Road)
Fu Lok Building (64-70A Stone Nullah Lane)
Fu Yuen (39-49 Wai Chai Road)
Fully Building (62-76 Wai Chai Road)
Galway Court (9 Cross Street)
Garden East (222 Queen's Road East)
Glory House (172-174A Hennessy Road)
Go Wah Mansion (285-295 Lockhart Road)
Gold Harbour Mansion (122-128 Queen's Road East )
Gold Jade Mansion (339 - 347 Lockhart Road )
Golden Jubilee House (389-399 Lockhart Road)
Greenland House (22 Sau Wa Fong)
Hang Tak Building (1 Electric Street)
Hang Tat Mansion (161-165 Lockhart Road)
Hay Wah Building (71-85 Hennessy Road)
Hennessy Building (117-123 Hennessy Road)
Heung Hoi Mansion (121-123 Jaffe Road)
Hing Bong Mansion (117 Lockhart Road)
Hip Sang Building (107-115 Hennessy Road)
Hong Fu Building (179/181 Hennessy Road)
Hoover Towers (8 Sau Wa Fong)
Hundred City Centre (7-17 Amoy Street)
Hung Fook Mansion (356-362 Lockhart Road)
Hung Yip Building (234-236 Wan Chai Road)
Ihome Centre (369 Lockhart Road)
J Residence (60 Johnston Road)
Jade House - Wanchai (11-15 Fleming Road)
Jet Foil Mansion (415-421 Jaffe Road)
Johnston Court (28-34 Johnston Road)
Ka Yee Building (117-119 Thomson Road)
Kai Ming Building (364-366 Hennessy Road)
Kam Fook Mansion (148-156 Jaffe Road)
Kam Koon Building (308-312 Lockhart Road)
Kam Lok Mansion (275-277 Lockhart Road)
Kam Sek Building (76-80 Stone Nullah Lane)
Kam Shing Building (14-24 Stone Nullah Lane)
Kam Sing Mansion - Jaffe Road (151 - 161 Jaffe Road)
Kam Tak Mansion (1A Gresson Street)
Kar Yau Building (34-38 Queen's Road East)
Kelly House (6-14 Gresson Street)
Kenny Court (22-28 Kennedy Street)
Kin Lee Building (130-146 Jaffe Road)
Kin On Building (16-20 Kennedy Street)
King Tao Building (94-100 Lockhart Road)
Kwok Leung Building (352-354 Lockhart Road)
Kwong Sang Hong Building (298 Hennessy Road)
Kwong Tak Mansion (205-207 Hennessy Road)
Kwong Wah Mansion (269-273 Hennessy Road)
L'Wanchai (109 Wan Chai Road)
Lap Tak Building (205-217 Lockhart Road)
Lee Loy Building (208-214 Jaffe Road)
Lee Shun Building (157-159 Lockhart Road)
Lee Wing Building (156-162 Hennessy Road)
Li Chit Garden (1 Li Chit Street)
Linfond Mansion (187-193 Hennessy Road)
Linway Court (67-71 Stone Nullah Lane)
Lockhart House (441 Lockhart Road)
Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality (22-28 Tai Wo Street)
Lok Go Building (132-133 Gloucester Road)
Lok Ku House (118 Jaffe Road)
Lok Moon Mansion (29-31 Queen's Road East)
Loplus@Hennessy (388 Hennessy Road)
Loplus@Johnston (5 Luard Road)
Lopus@Johnston (5 Luard Road)
Luckifast Building (1 Stone Nullah Lane)
Lucky House (149 Wan Chai Road)
Luen Lee Building (8 Lun Fat Street)
Man Hee Mansion (2-12A Johnston Road)
Manrich Court (33 St. Francis Street)
May Wah Mansion (164-176 Johnston Road)
Mei Fai Mansion (110-116 Lockhart Road)
Ming Yin Mansion (390-396A Lockhart Road)
Moonful Court (17A Moon Street)
Moonstar Court (2A-2G Star Street)
Mori Mori Serviced Apartments (46-48 Morrison Hill Road)
Mountain View Mansion (2-4 Swatow Street)
New Spring Garden Mansion (47-65 Spring Garden Lane)
Newman House (35-45 Johnston Road)
Oi Kwan Court (28 Oi Kwan Road)
On Hing Mansion (156-164 Queen's Road East)
One Wanchai (1 Wanchai Road)
Pacific Place Apartments (Pacific Place, 88 Queensway,)
Pak Fook Building (208-212 Queen's Road East)
Pao Woo Mansion (177-179 Wan Chai Road)
Paul Yee Mansion (340/344,348 Jaffe Road)
Po Chi Building (54-56 Morrison Hill Road)
Po Chi Court (15 Ship Street)
Po Wah Building (54 Queen's Road East)
Prime Mansion (1-3 Fleming Road)
Queen's Cube (235-245 Queen's Road East)
Rialto Building (2 Landale Street)
Richland Court (19 Tai Yuen Street)
Sai Kou Building (64-66 Lockhart Road)
Sam Yuen Mansion (204-210 Lockhart Road)
Sau Wah Court (23-30 Sau Wa Fong)
Shalom Queen's (100 Queen's Road East)
Shu Fat Building (25-29 Thomson Road)
Shui Cheung Building (223-229A Queen's Road East)
Sing Kong Building (233-243 Lockhart Road)
Southern Commercial Building (11-13 Luard Road)
Southorn Garden (2 O'Brien Road)
St. Francis Mansion (4-6 St. Francis Street)
Star Apartments (Moon Street / Sun Street)
Star Crest (9 Star Street)
Star Studios I (8-18 Wing Fung Street)
Star Studios II (18 Wing Fung Street)
Starlight Garden (2-14 Electric Street)
Sun Hey Mansion (68-76 Hennessy Road )
Sun Kai Mansion (38-46 Hennessey Road)
Tai Yuen Court (38 Tai Yuen Street)
Tak On Mansion (32-34 Morrison Hill Road)
Tak Wah Mansion (290-296 Hennessy Road)
Takan Lodge (199-201 Johnston Road)
The Avenue (200 Queen's Road East)
The Gloucester (212 Gloucester Road)
The Hillside (9 Sik On Street)
The Johnston Suites Hong Kong (74-80 Johnston Road)
The Morrison (28 Yat Sin Street)
The Mount (63-65 Queen's Road East)
The Oakhill (28 Wood Road)
The Zenith - Wanchai (3 Wan Chai Road)
Tonnochy Tower (250-274 Jaffe Road)
Top View Mansion (10 Canal Road West)
Tung Hey Mansion (18 Queen's Road East)
Tung Hing Building - Wan Chai (129-135 Johnston Road)
Tung Kai Building (158-172 Jaffe Road)
Tung Shing Building - Lockhart Road (272-274 Lockhart Road)
Tung Shing Building - Ship Street (138-144 Queen's Road East)
V Wanchai (180 Jaffe Road)
Valiant Court (33 Cross Street)
Vincent Mansion (7 Star Street)
Wah Fat Mansion (405-419 Lockhart Road)
Wah Tao Building (42 Wood Road/29 Burrows Street)
Wai Cheong Building (5-9A Gresson Street)
Wai Lun Mansion (78-84A Hennessy Road)
Wai Sun Building (392-402 Jaffe Road)
Wai Tak Building (414-430 Lockhart Road)
Wanchai House (40-54 Wan Chai Road)
Wealthy Mansion (7-11 Tai Wong Street East)
Wing Kit Building (84-86 Thomson Road)
Wing Shing Mansion (7 Cross Lane)
Wing Tak Mansion (275 Wan Chai Road)
Wu Chung House (213 Queen's Road East)
Y Wanchai (100 Queen's Road East)
Yan King Court (119-121 Queen's Road East)
Yan Yee Court (28 Wan Chai Road)
Yanville (8 Tai Yuen Street)
Yau Kwong Building (418-430 Hennessy Road)
Yau Tak Building (167-169 Lockhart Road)
Yee Hor Building (22-24 Swatow Street)
Yen Men Building (98-108 Jaffe Road)
Yick Wah Building (319-321 Hennessy Road)
Ying Fat House (2-4 Burrows Street)
Ying King Building (192-198 Hennessy Road)
York Place (20-26 Johnston Road)
Yue King Building (26 Canal Road West/1-7 Leighton Rd)
Yue On Building - Wan Chai (146-148 Lockhart Road)

Wong Chuk Hang Apartment Buildings

Broadview Court (11 Shum Wan Road)

Kowloon Apartment Buildings

Cheung Sha Wan Apartment Buildings

Aqua Marine (8 Sham Shing Road)
Cullinan West (28 Sham Mong Road)
Mei Foo Sun Chuen (9 Nassau Street)

Ho Man Tin Apartment Buildings

Celestial Heights (80 Sheung Shing Street)
Duchy Heights (5 Duke Street)
Gallant Court (240-246 Prince Edward Road West)
Grand Court - Ho Man Tin (109-135 Kadoorie Avenue)
Kadoorie Avenue Mansion (205-207 Prince Edward Road West)
King's Park Villa (1 King's Park Rise)
La Salle Residence (6 La Salle Road)
Mantin Heights (28 Sheung Shing Street)
Miami Mansion- Ho Man Tin (99B Waterloo Road)
One Homantin (1 Sheung Foo Street)
Parc Palais (18 Wylie Road)
Seven Victory Avenue (7 Victory Avenue)
The Arcadia (8 Forfar Road)
The Argyle (102 Argyle Street)
The Astrid (180 Argyle Street)
The Crescent (11 Ho Man Tin Hill Road)
The Regalia (33 King's Park Rise)
Ultima (23 Fat Kwong Street)
Yee On Court (124B Argyle Street)

Hung Hom Apartment Buildings

Harbour Place (8 Oi King Street)
Laguna Verde-Laguna Grande (8 Laguna Verde Avenue)
Royal Peninsula (8 Hung Lai Road)
The Metropolis Residence (8-9 Metropolis Drive)
Whampoa Garden - Oak Mansions (7 Tak Fung Street)

Kowloon Apartment Buildings

Central Park (18 Hoi Ting Road)
King's Park Hill (1-98 King's Park Hill Road)
Lime Stardom (1 Larch Street)
Mount Beacon (20 Cornwall Street)
Park Avenue (18 Hoi Ting Road)
Sceneway Garden (8 Sceneway Garden)

Kowloon Tong Apartment Buildings

1&3 Ede Road (1&3 Ede Road)
11A-C La Salle Road (11A-C La Salle Road )
15 Ho Man Tin Hill Road (15 Ho Man Tin Hill Road)
16-22 Oxford Road (16-22 Oxford Road)
17 Cambridge Road (17 Cambridge Road)
18A La Salle Road (18A La Salle Road)
53A Nga Tsin Wai Road (53A Nga Tsin Wai Road)
Albion Gardens (17-21 La Salle Road)
Beverly Villas (16 La Salle Road)
Braga Circuit (32 Kadoorie Hill)
Broadway Towers (6 Broadcast Drive)
Caravelle Villa (7 La Salle Road)
Conwell Villa (1 Cassia Road)
Faber Garden (6 Marconi Road)
Grampian Court (6A Grampian Road)
Kadoorie Avenue (Kadoorie Avenue)
Kowloon Tong Gardens (1 Cambridge Road )
Lu Garden (4 Eastbourne Road)
Lung Cheung Court - 37 Broadcast Drive (37 Broadcast Drive)
Lung Cheung Villa (57 Beacon Hill Road)
Marple Court (41 Broadcast Drive)
Meridian Hill (81 Broadcast Drive)
Merry Court (Kowloon Tong) (4 & 6 Fessenden Road)
One Beacon Hill (1 Beacon Hill Road)
One Mayfair (1 Broadcast Drive)
Parc Inverness (38 Inverness Road)
Parc Oasis (1-21 Parc Oasis Road)
Phoenix Court - Kowloon Tong (8-10 Marconi Road/32-34 Broadcast Drive)
Pine Tree Gardens (4 Ede Road)
St. George's Court (81A-85 Kadoorie Avenue)
Sunderland Estate (1 Hereford Road)
Tang Court (168 Nga Tsin Wai Road)
The Hamptons (45 Beacon Hill Road)
University Court (169 Boundary Street)

Kowloon West Apartment Buildings

Grand Austin (9 Austin Road West)
Sorrento Phase I (1 Austin Road West)
Sorrento Phase II (1 Austin Road West)
The Arch (1 Austin Road West)
The Austin (8 Wu Cheung Road)
The Coronation (1 Yau Cheung Road)
The Cullinan (1 Austin Road West)
The Harbourside (1 Austin Road West)
The Harbourview Place (1 Austin Road West)
The Waterfront (1 Austin Road West)

Olympic Apartment Buildings

Harbour Green (8 Sham Mong Road)
Imperial Cullinan (10 Hoi Fai Road)
Island Harbourview (11 Ho Fai Road)
The Hermitage (1 Hoi Wang Road)
The Long Beach (8 Hoi Fai Road)

Tai Kok Tsui Apartment Buildings

Eltanin · Square Mile (11 Li Tak Street)
Hampton Place (11 Hoi Fan Road)
One SilverSea (18 Hoi Fai Road)
Park Ivy (8 Ivy Street)

Tsim Sha Tsui Apartment Buildings

Austin Mansion (15A Austin Avenue)
Carmen's Garden (9 Cox's Road)
Gateway Apartments (15 Canton Road)
Harbour Pinnacle (8 Minden Avenue )
Hilton Towers (96 Granville Road)
K11 Artus (18 Salisbury Road)
Kimberley 26 (26 Kimberley Road)
Madera Residence (19 Cheong Lok Street)
Regal Kowloon Hotel (71 Mody Road)
Rose Mansion (1 Prat Avenue)
Rosewood Residences Hong Kong (18 Salisbury Road)
Shama Tsim Sha Tsui (74-78 Nathan Rd)
The Masterpiece (18 Hanoi Road)
The Victoria Towers (188 Canton Road)

Wong Tai Sin Apartment Buildings

Hsin Kuang Centre (120 Lung Cheung Road)

N.T. & Others Apartment Buildings

Clearwater Bay Apartment Buildings

38 Wing Lung Road (38 Wing Lung Road)
38-44 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road (38-44 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road)
Bayside Villa (1 Pik Sha Road)
Bella Vista, Clear Water Bay (115 Silver Terrace Road)
Buena Vista (7 Pik Sha Road)
Cala D'or (Po Toi O)
Caribbean Villas (74-85 Sheung Sze Wan)
Casa Bella - Clearwater Bay (5 Silverstrand Beach Road)
Celestial Villa (Lot 246 Clear Water Bay Road)
Clear Water Bay Apartment (8 Ka Shue Road)
Dragon Lake Villa (18 Silver Crest Road)
Fairway Vista (DD241 Lot236)
Fullway Garden (7 Silver Crest Road)
Golden Lake Villa (29 Silver Cape Road)
Green Park (29 Razor Hill Road)
Ha Yeung Village (Off Clearwater Bay)
Hawaii Garden (18 Silver Cape Road)
Junk Bay Villas (330 Hang Hau Road)
La Casa Bella (9 Silver Cape Road)
Las Pinadas- Clearwater Bay (247 Off Clearwater Bay Road, Takuling)
Leung Fai Tin Upper Road (Leung Fai Tin Upper Road)
Little Palm Villa (Wing Lung Road)
Lobster Bay Villa (115 Tai Hang Hau Village)
Mang Kung Uk Village (Clear Water Bay Road)
Mau Po (18 Yung Yung Road)
Mau Po Tsuen (Mau Po Road)
Mount Pavilia (663 Clear Water Bay Road)
Ng Fai Tin Tsuen (Hang Hau Wing Lung Road)
Ocean View Lodge (28 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road)
Pan Long Villa (22 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road)
Pan Long Wan Tsuen (Pan Long Wan Road)
Pik Sha Garden (Pik Sha Road 9)
Pik Uk Village (Clear Water Bay Road)
Pine Villas (223 Clear Water Bay Road)
Private Twin Seafront House (Little Palm Beach)
Royal Castle (23 Pik Sha Road)
Ryan Court (Off Hang Hau Wing Lung Road)
Sheung Sze Wan (Sheung Sze Wan Road)
Sheung Yeung Tsuen (Sheung Yeung, Clear Water Bay Road)
Silver Crest Villa (9 Silver Crest Road)
Silver Fountain Terrace (2 Silver Stream Path)
Silver Star Villa (4 Silver Star Path)
Silver View Lodge (1 Jade Lane)
Silverstrand Garden (11 Silverstrand Beach Road)
Silverstrand Houses (6 Silver Star Path)
Siu Hang Hau (Siu Hang Hau Road)
Solemar Villas (15 Silver Cape Road)
Swan Villas (17 Fei Ha Road)
Tai Au Mun (Tai Au Mun)
Tai Hang Hau Village (Tai Hang Hau Road)
Tai Pan Court (Fei Ha Road)
Tai Wan Tau Tseun (Tai Wan Tau Tseun)
The Green Villa - Clearwater Bay (Ta Ku Ling Sun Tsuen)
The Palisades (19 Pik Sha Road)
The Portofino (88-188 Pak To Avenue)
The Riviera (10 Pik Sha Road)
The Villa Horizon (7-8 Silver Stream Path)
Tsing Wan Villa (7 Silverstar Path)
Twilight Villa (3 Fei Wan Road)
Twin Bay Villas (DD 243 Lot 1478)
Valencia Gardens (23 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road )
Villa Blanche (10 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road)
Villa Monticello (12 Chuk Kok Road)
Villa Pergola (11 Pik Sha Road)
Villa Sandoz (9 Silverstrand Beach Road)
Villa Tahoe (3 Pik Sha Road)

Discovery Bay Apartment Buildings

Beach Village - Seabee Lane (1-15 Seabee Lane)
Beach Village - Seabird Lane (1-61 Seabird Lane)
Beach Village - Seahorse Lane (1-47 Seahorse Lane)
Bijou Hamlet (1-32 Bijou Drive)
Chianti (Discovery Bay Road)
Greenvale Village - Discovery Bay (11 Discovery Bay Road)
Headland Village - Headland Drive (Headland Drive)
Headland Village - Seabee Lane (Seabee Lane)
Hillgrove Village (1-5 Discovery Bay Road)
La Costa (8 Po Tai Street)
La Serene (1-11 Serene Avenue)
La Vista (1-12 Vista Avenue)
Midvale Village (1-23 Middle Lane)
Midvale Village-Bay View (17 Middle Lane)
Midvale Village-Marine View (19 Middle Lane)
Neo Horizon (27 Discovery Bay Road)
Parkvale Village (1-13 Parkvale Drive)
Peninsula Village-Capeland Drive (2 Capeland Drive)
Peninsula Village-Caperidge Drive (Peninsula Village-Caperidge Drive)
Peninsula Village-Capevale Drive (2 Capevale Drive)
Peninsula Village-Coastline Villa (2-46 Discovery Bay Road)
Positano (18 Bayside Drive)
Siena One (Siena One Drive)
Siena Two (Discovery Bay Road)

Outlying Islands Apartment Buildings

Chung Mei Tseun (Sok Kwu Wan)
Ham Tin Villas (Chi Ma Wan Road)
Kwun Yam Wan Road, Cheung Chau (Kwun Yam Wan Road)
Lo Wai Village (Pui O)
Michelia (28 Cheung Fu Street)
Pak Kok San Tseun (Lamma Island)
Park Island (Ma Wan)
Riverwalk (6 Ngan Kwong Wan Road)
Sai Wan Village, Cheung Chau (4 Tsan Tuen Road)
Silver Waves Court (9 Ngan Kwong Wan Road)
Tai Tei Tong Tsuen (Tai Tei Tong Tsuen)
Tong Fuk Village (South Lantau)
Whitesands (160 South Lantau Road)

Sai Kung Apartment Buildings

153 Che Keng Tuk Road (Che Keng Tuk Road )
155 Che Keng Tuk Road (Che Keng Tuk Road)
157 Che Keng Tuk Road (Che Keng Tuk Road )
62 Che Keng Tuk Road (Che Keng Tuk Tsuen)
62 Yan Yee Road (62 Yan Yee Road)
70 Che Keng Tuk Road (Che Keng Tuk Road)
83A&B Che Keng Tuk Road (83A&B Che Keng Tuk Road)
Balmoral Gardens (21 Razor Hill Road)
Bayview Apartment (9 Silver Star Path)
Berkeley Bay Villa (DD214 Lot 836, Off Hiram's Highway)
Billows Villa (DD 238 Lot 542)
Burlingame Garden (6A Chuk Yuen Road)
Che Keng Tuk Road 83 (Che Keng Tuk Tsuen)
Chi Fai Path (Chi Fai Path)
Chuk Yueng Road (Sai Kung Town)
Costa Bello (288 Hong Kin Road)
Customs Pass (18 Fei Ngo Shan Road)
Dynasty Palace (Nam Pin Wai Road)
Floral Villas (Tso Wo Road)
Grand Chateau (Kap Pin Long (Tan Cheung Road))
Green Villas (11 Tso Wo Road)
Greenfield Villa (Chuk Yueng Road)
Greenpeak Villa (33 Wong Chuk Shan San Village)
Greenwood Villa (4 Muk Min Shan Road)
Habitat (Off Hiram's Highway, Hebe Haven)
Heng Mei Deng Village (Heng Mei Deng)
Hilldon (101 Chuk Yueng Road)
Hillview Court (11 Ka Shue Road)
Hing Keng Shek Tseun (Hiram's Highway)
Hing Keng Shek Tsuen (Hiram's Highway)
Hong Hay Villa (9 Chuk Kok)
Jade Villa- Sai Kung (Ngau Liu Tsuen(Chuk Yueng Road))
Ko Tong Ha Yeung (Sai Kung)
La Caleta (123 Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Lake Court (Tui Min Hoi)
Lakeside Villa (8 Pik Sha Road)
Loch Ness Gardens (Tai Tan Village)
Lok Ness Garden (Sai Kung West Country Park)
Long Ke (Long Ke)
Lotus Villas (100 Chuk Yueng Road)
Luna House (Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Man Sau Sun Tsuen (Po Lo Che)
Marina Cove (380 Hiram's Highway)
Nam Pin Wai Road ()
Nam Shan Tsuen (Nam Shan San Tsuen Road)
Nam Wai Tsuen (Nam Wai Road)
Nga Yiu Tau (Sai Sha Road)
Pak Kong Village (102 Pak Kong Road)
Pak Shek Terrace (Pak Shek Terrace)
Pak Tam Chung (Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Phoenix Palm Villa (Lung Mei Tsuen)
Po Lo Che Road (Po Lo Che Road)
Royal Bay- Sai Kung (Nam Wai Road 3)
Ruby Chalet (Lot 1128 Hiram's Highway)
Sai Kung Serviced Apartment (3 Sha Ha Path)
Scenic View Villa (25 Silver Cape Road)
Sea View Villa (768 OFF TAI MONG TSAI ROAD)
Tai Mong Tsai (Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Tai Po Tsai Tsuen (Tai Po Tsai Tsuen. Sai Kung )
Tan Cheung (Tan Cheung Road, Po Lo Che)
The Capri (Tai Mong Tsai Road)
The Giverny (Off Hiram's Highway, Hebe Haven)
The Mediterranean (8 Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Tsam Chuk Wan Tsuen ()
Tui Min Hoi Chuen (Tui Min Hon)
Venice Villa (Ho Chung Road)
Villa Chrysanthemum (DD217 Lot 1120, Hebe Haven)
Villa Royale (7 Nam Pin Wai Road)
Violet Garden (90 Chuk Yeung Road)
Wong Chuk Wan Tseun (Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Wong Chuk Wan Tsuen (Tai Mong Tsai Road)
Wong Keng Tei Tseun (Lot no.628, DD238)

Shatin Apartment Buildings

Festival City (1 Mei Tin Road)
Laurna Villa (2 Lok Yuen Path)
Le Cap (83 Lai Ping Road)
The Palazzo (28 Lok King Street)

Tai Po Apartment Buildings

Casa Marina (28 Lo Fai Road)
Hong Lok Yuen - 18 Street (Off Tai Po Road)
Hong Lok Yuen - 5th Street (Off Tai Po Road)
Providence Bay - Phase 1 (5 Fo Chun Road)

Taikoo Shing Apartment Buildings

Splendid Place (39 Tai Koo Shing Road)
Taikoo Shing (1-31 Taikoo Shing Road/1-26 Taikoo Wan Road)
Taikoo Shing - Begonia Mansion (8 Taikoo Wan Road)
Taikoo Shing - Chai Kung Mansion (2 Tai Yue Avenue)
Taikoo Shing - Choi Tien Mansion (11 Taikoo Wan Road)
Taikoo Shing - Hing On Mansion (5 Tai Yue Avenue)
Taikoo Shing - Loong Shan Mansion (21 Taikoo Shing Road)
Taikoo Shing - Lotus Mansion (6 Taikoo Wan Road)
Taikoo Shing - Marigold Mansion (10 Taikoo Wan Road)
Taikoo Shing - Poyang Mansion (6 Taikoo Shing Road)
Taikoo Shing - Shun On Mansion (3 Tai Yue Road)
Taikoo Shing - Tung Shan Mansion (11 Taikoo Shing Road)
Taikoo Shing - Tung Ting Mansion (4 Taikoo Shing Road)
Taikoo Shing - Willow Mansion (22 Taikoo Wan Road)
Taikoo Shing - Yuan Kung Mansion (20 Taikoo Shing Road)

Tung Chung Apartment Buildings

Caribbean Coast (1 Kin Tung Road)
Century Link (6 Ying Hong Street)
Coastal Skyline (12 Tung Chung Waterfront Road)
La Mer - Tung Chung (1 Kin Tung Road, Caribbean Coast)
Seaview Crescent (8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road)
The Visionary (1 Ying Hong Street)
Tung Chung Crescent (1 Hing Tung Street)