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The exclusive Shek O Country Club with its par 65 private golf course forms a large part of the peninsula. There are 2 famous beaches in and near Shek O, the main Shek O Beach having a sandy public beach with a BBQ area and amenities, and to the north is Big Wave Bay, popular with surfers. Shek O is the most isolated location on Hong Kong Island giving it a quieter, tranquil environment which is attractive to expat and local residents alike.

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UNIR Garden
Shek O

Ref#: 118452
*Situated on the exclusive Shek O Headland, this brand house is in a newer ...
  3 Bedrooms
  3 Bathrooms
Updated on: 26-May-2020
For rent
SA: 3,721
SA 3,721 GA: 3,968
GA 3,968
25 Shek O Headland
Shek O

Ref#: 118068
* A large colonial three-storey detached house with a huge private garden and a ...
  5 Bedrooms
  5 Bathrooms
Updated on: 11-Jun-2020
For sale
HK$350,000,000 For rent
SA: 3,679
SA 3,679 GA: 4,598
GA 4,598