Some Landlords refuse to allow pets in their premises, but on the whole, pets are accepted; though often subject to a proviso in the Tenancy Agreement that you guarantee their good behaviour. Dogs must be licensed and certain vaccinations are mandatory. Rabies does occasionally surface in the New Territories, thus regular vaccination of dogs is essential. If you are bitten by a dog of unknown heritage, seek medical advice.

Importation of Pets
A special permit is required from the Government to import various animals, including dogs and cats. Quarantine for pets varies from 0-6 months subject to their history and vaccination records. You may bring your cat, dog or bird into Hong Kong with a minimum amount of fuss if you are coming from a Category I or Category II country. Animals from a Category III country must go through several months of quarantine at the owner’s expense. Full explanations and details are available on the HK Agriculture and Fisheries Department website an excellent site of general interest too, or call 2708 8885.