Executive Homes is a dedicated personal service company, offering extensive support and assistance to both corporate and individual clients in their relocation to Hong Kong.

With our long term involvement and experience here, we believe we can provide the comprehensive, friendly service all newcomers need to smooth the transition to living and working in this, Asia's most exciting city.

Executive Homes was established in January 2011 but the team had worked together for many years in a previous company which was bought out. It consists of a multinational staff from over 6 countries, all of whom have long term experience in Hong Kong’s relocation and residential markets.

Whilst we all love the new technology that allows us to constantly upgrade our website and the online experience it can offer, we all truly believe we are in a ‘people’ business and our greatest strength is our love of promoting this amazing city we live in to new comers and locals both. Most of us have been through the relocation process to Hong Kong, so we understand fully the stresses and concerns involved.  Therefore we endeavour to provide as smooth a transition as possible.

From advice on schooling and the current availability situation, to which areas to focus on living in and booking the initial service accommodation, we are with you all the way. From our own moving, buying and renovating experiences we can fully assist both those entering the market for the first time to the seasoned investors who need assistance in keeping their portfolios up to date. Once we have helped you secure your chosen rental or sale property, we are happy to stay in touch and deal with the many questions which arise in the setting up process.

So please enjoy our website and all the information it can provide but do give us a call and benefit from our long experience in Hong Kong and its ever changing residential real estate market.

We are happy that a large percentage of our business is generated from personal referrals from satisfied clients within Hong Kong. It is always good to reconnect with familiar faces who are relocating within the territory for a multitude of reasons.

Our Team

Maureen Mills
Jane Van Heel
Winsome Tao
Winnie Wong
Olivia Toh
Michelle Lunt
Pixie Thomas

Policies and Fees

Our Policies We aim to provide the best personalised service for each client. We take as much time as is necessary to ensure that the right decisions are made - no heavy pressure here, we give you the alternatives and a reasoned analysis of the various situations, and assist you, the client, in making the choice. We find that the degree of support needed varies hugely with each family hence our very adaptable programmes.  Apart from our regularly updated Hot Properties and our general listings we may have other properties which have not yet been uploaded onto our site, so please do get in touch to see what else we may have to suit your requirement! Contact us and we will target the appropriate, available homes and forward up-to-date personalised information. You can cover the market with just one mail.
Our Fees Should you take premises through Executive Homes, our standard fees for our estate agency services are in accordance with the recommendations of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. In such a case, all relocation and orientation fees are included in that fee. The current standard recommended fee is 50% of one month's rental to both the Landlord and the Tenant, or in case of a sale and purchase, 1% to each party. Allowance can be made if we enter in to a corporate agreement or a "sole agency" contract.  In the event that you are housed in company premises, or through some other means, then our Relocation and Orientation charges are based on the number of sessions needed, and charged at an hourly rate.