This is a small and exclusive area off Repulse Bay Road and includes South Bay Road and South Bay Close. It is quieter than Repulse Bay because South Bay Road is a no-through road with only one mini-bus route. This makes the beaches quieter and thus cleaner. Middle Bay Beach and South Bay Beach are among the best on Hong Kong Island.

Residential Blocks

Accommodation comprises mostly low rises and town houses, with some high rises, among them Ruby Court, Belgravia, Grand Garden and South Bay Towers towards the end of South Bay Road. All of the bigger developments offer extensive facilities.

There are some newer and older town houses, and some of these are walking distance to the amenities of The Repulse Bay and Repulse Bay Beach, including it’s excellent shopping centre. While there are a few smaller size apartments, with 1 or 2 bedrooms, they are predominately larger family sized residences.


Hong Kong International School is located on South Bay Close.


There are medical practices located on South Bay Road and The Repulse Bay, walking distance to some South Bay properties.


The beaches are a big draw to South Bay, with all three beaches, Repulse Bay Beach, Middle Bay Beach and South Bay Beach very accessible. The shops and amenities of The Repulse Bay and Repulse Bay Beach are within walking distance.


Many of the developments do offer a shuttle bus service to Repulse Bay and often further, and there is a mini bus 44J, and of course taxis. Repulse Bay is well connected to HK island, although most people living in South Bay will have a car.

Key characteristics:
  • More quiet than Repulse Bay

  • Cleaner beaches

  • Low-rise and townhouse accommodations

  • Larger family-sized residential units

  • Served by residential bus services, minibuses and taxis

Property for Rent in South Bay

Displaying 1-10 of 11 results Price (HK$) Size (sq. ft.)

The Nautilus

South Bay
Ref.#: 99919

Fabulous modern waterfront house with wonderful sea views. The house has a separate...

5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
For rent HK$380,000
SA 3,509
GA 4,670

Splendour Villa

South Bay
Ref.#: 99954

- a fabulous 2 bedroom (with an en suite) apartment with a large balcony overlooking...

2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$80,000
SA 1,272
GA 1,665

South Bay Towers

South Bay
Ref.#: 99668
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$55,000
SA 1,112
GA 1,433

Grand Garden

South Bay
Ref.#: 99606

A spacious 4 bedroom apartment in a popular building at South Bay with top end...

4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$120,000
For sale HK$78,000,000
SA 2,482
GA 3,054

South Bay Towers

South Bay
Ref.#: 98097

* A spacious 4 bed, 2 bath apartment with a balcony off the living room. Modern...

4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$83,000
SA 2,143
GA 2,738

Ruby Court

South Bay
Ref.#: 2637

3 bed 2 bath apt with a balcony and sea views. Comes with 2 covered car parks.

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$115,000
SA 1,775
GA 2,200

Burnside Villa

South Bay
Ref.#: 32869

Well laid out family home with 5 bedrooms, private terrace and rooftop.

5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$185,000
SA 2,763
GA 2,763

South Bay Garden

South Bay
Ref.#: 32356

A good sized 3 bedroom apartment with a private roof terrace. The living room has...

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$77,000
SA 1,296
GA 1,542

Panarama Terrace

South Bay
Ref.#: 330

A substantial well renovated house in a quiet terrace off south bay road.

4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$200,000
For sale HK$250,000,000
SA 3,237
GA 3,500


South Bay
Ref.#: 31490

* A high quality contemporary 3 bedroom apartment located in South Bay with beautiful...

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$110,000
SA 1,875
GA 2,390


Popular Properties in South Bay

Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
12A South Bay Road 12A South Bay Road
16-18 South Bay Road 16-18 South Bay Road 1,809 - 4,157
17 South Bay Road 17 South Bay Road
27-31 South Bay Road 29-31 South Bay Road 2,572 - 5,486
3 South Bay Close South Bay Close 1,635 - 3,259
35 South Bay Road 35 South Bay Road 3,550
7 South Bay Close 7 South Bay Close
Belgravia 57 South Bay Road 1,875 - 3,052
Burnside Villa 9 South Bay Road 2,100 - 2,800
Grand Garden 61 South Bay Road 1,089 - 2,491
Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
Panarama Terrace 12 South Bay Road 3,237 - 4,436
Riviera Apartments 4 South Bay Road 1,950 - 2,072
Ruby Court 55 South Bay Road 1,390 - 2,703
South Bay Garden 33 South Bay Close 850 - 1,296
South Bay Palace 29-31 South Bay Close 1,273 - 3,136
South Bay Towers 59 South Bay Road 1,112 - 3,395
South Bay Villas 4 South Bay Close 2,070 - 2,468
Splendour Villa 10 South Bay Road 604 - 1,094
The Nautilus 16A South Bay Road 3,509 - 3,675
Tropicana Court 45 South Bay Close 2,200 - 2,500