Sai Kung is located in the southern half of Sai Kung Peninsula and north of Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the New Territories.

Once a fishing village, Sai Kung town underwent significant expansion in the '80s and '90s. In recent years, the government has invested heavily in Sai Kung, with improvements being made to the town seafront, such as the Waterfront Park. An attractive mix of small boutique-style shops has sprung up due to a sizeable expat population and increasing numbers of local visitors.

Shops sell everything from secondhand books to cat-themed accessories, with alternative lifestyle stores that offer items like surfboards, candles, incense, seashells, etc. The village of Sai Kung is also noted locally for its seafood restaurants, many of which congregate on the seafront, known as 'Seafood Street'.

Residential Blocks

In terms of living, Sai Kung is similar to its neighbor, Clearwater Bay, in that there are no high-rise units in the area. Housing ranges from small apartment blocks to large detached residences, with secluded village houses with terraces or garden and a few townhouse complexes complete with facilities and swimming pool. It is very popular for families with young children who need a lot of space for their money and who don’t living in a rural environment and commuting.


The school situation in Sai Kung is set to improve even further, making Sai Kung even more popular for families with children nowadays. There are several Kindergartens & Pre-Schools in the area: The Woodland Sai Kung Pre-School, Sai Kung International Pre-School, Newsong Christian Kindergarten and Leapfrog.

Hong Kong Academy is moving to a purpose-built campus in Sai Kung in 2013, designed to maximise experiential learning, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. Also, Kellett School is opening a new campus in Kowloon Bay with a new bus route going to the Sai Kung area. Sai Kung is within the catchment area for Renaissance College located in Ma On Shan, a short drive to the north.


Sai Kung Country Park is an area of restricted development featuring numerous small villages and beautiful beaches. There are actually more facilities and amenities in Sai Kung than Clearwater Bay i.e. watersports, fitness centres, outdoor dining, country parks, hiking trails & unspoilt beaches are all a few minutes away.

In addition, the large island of Kau Sai Chau is the location for a public golf course developed and run by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The golf driving range center in Ho Chung is popular with local residents and tourists alike. The Royal HK Yacht Club maintains moorings and a small Clubhouse at Shelter Cove.


Sai Kung is readily accessible by minibus from the MTR stations: From Choi Hung Station take from station exit C2 take Green Minibus 1A (24 hour service approx every 3-5 mins – journey time about 25 mins) to Sai Kung Minibus Station (next to the promenade).

KMB Bus 92, also stops outside exit C2 of Choi Hung MTR Station en route to Sai Kung Town Centre. Alternatively take the MTR to Diamond Hill Station then KMB bus service 92 (approx every 12 - 20 mins – journey time about 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus (next to promenade). From Tseung Kwan O MTR Station or Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station, find the bus terminus at either and take NWFB bus service 792M (every 20 mins – journey time approx 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus.

Finally from Hang Hau MTR Station, take Green mini bus 101M to Sai Kung Minibus Station (journey time approx. 30mins). If travelling from other parts of the New Territories KMB bus route 299 from Sha Tin Central Bus Terminus (under New Town Plaza and Sha Tin MTR Station) via Ma On Shan Town Centre to Sai Kung Bus Terminus may be useful. Buses operate at about 10 minute frequency and the journey takes about 45 minutes. The journey includes a scenic stretch above the shores of Three Fathoms Cove and below the peaks of Ma On Shan Country Park.

Key characteristics:
  • Popular for restaurants serving fresh seafood

  • Small apartment blocks to large detached residences

  • Ideal spot for watersports and hiking trails

  • Served by buses and minibuses connecting to MTR stations.

Property for Rent in Sai Kung

Displaying 1-10 of 11 results Price (HK$) Size (sq. ft.)

Nam Shan Tsuen

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 29676
5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$100,000
SA 2,100
GA 2,100

Jade Villa- Sai Kung

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 109770
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$58,000
SA 2,100
GA 2,100

Marina Cove

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 30306
5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
For rent HK$120,000
For sale HK$50,000,000
SA 1,187

Marina Cove

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 29771
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$20,000
SA 522
GA 637

Marina Cove

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 30054
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$57,000
SA 1,373

Phoenix Palm Villa

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 109495
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
For rent HK$68,000

Marina Cove

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 98047
5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$75,000
SA 1,576
GA 2,215

Wong Keng Tei Tseun

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 104324

Lovely waterfront house in tranquil oasis. Nestled into the mountain side close the...

2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$53,000
SA 1,862
GA 1,862

Wong Keng Tei Tseun

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 99806

Lovely waterfront house in tranquil oasis. Nestled into the mountain side close the...

3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$55,000
For sale HK$26,800,000
SA 1,674

Villa Royale

Sai Kung
Ref.#: 26670

This villa is situated in a convenient location off Hiram’s Highway.

3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
For rent HK$44,000
For sale HK$16,800,000
SA 1,234
GA 2,003


Popular Properties in Sai Kung

Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
12A Po Lo Che Road 12A Po Lo Che Road
153 Che Keng Tuk Road Che Keng Tuk Road 2,100
155 Che Keng Tuk Road Che Keng Tuk Road 2,000
157 Che Keng Tuk Road Che Keng Tuk Road 2,000
62 Yan Yee Road 62 Yan Yee Road
70 Che Keng Tuk Road Che Keng Tuk Road 2,100
Berkeley Bay Villa DD214 Lot 836, Off Hiram's Highway 1,332
Burlingame Garden 6A Chuk Yuen Road 1,212 - 1,227
Chi Fai Path Chi Fai Path
Chuk Yueng Road Sai Kung Town
Floral Villas Tso Wo Road 910 - 3,970
Green Villas 11 Tso Wo Road 1,181 - 1,661
Greenfield Villa Chuk Yueng Road
Greenpeak Villa 33 Wong Chuk Shan San Village
Greenwood Villa 4 Muk Min Shan Road 1,890
Habitat Off Hiram's Highway, Hebe Haven 1,481 - 1,561
Hilldon 101 Chuk Yueng Road 1,512 - 2,248
Hing Keng Shek Tseun Hiram's Highway 4,500
Hing Keng Shek Tsuen Hiram's Highway
Jade Villa- Sai Kung Ngau Liu Tsuen(Chuk Yueng Road)
Ko Tong Ha Yeung Sai Kung 2,100
Lok Ness Garden Sai Kung West Country Park
Long Ke Long Ke
Lotus Villas 100 Chuk Yueng Road 1,518 - 1,565
Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
Man Sau Sun Tsuen Po Lo Che
Marina Cove 380 Hiram's Highway 522 - 1,945
Nam Shan Tsuen Nam Shan San Tsuen Road
Nam Wai Tsuen Nam Wai Road
Nga Yiu Tau Sai Sha Road
Pak Kong Village 102 Pak Kong Road
Pak Shek Terrace Pak Shek Terrace
Phoenix Palm Villa Lung Mei Tsuen
Royal Bay- Sai Kung Nam Wai Road 3 2,004
Ruby Chalet Lot 1128 Hiram's Highway
Scenic View Villa 25 Silver Cape Road
Silver Terrace Silverstrand
Tai Mong Tsai Tai Mong Tsai Road
Tai Po Tsai Tsuen Tai Po Tsai Tsuen. Sai Kung
Tan Cheung Tan Cheung Road, Po Lo Che
The Capri Tai Mong Tsai Road 1,888 - 1,888
The Giverny Off Hiram's Highway, Hebe Haven 1,184 - 2,799
Tui Min Hoi Chuen Tui Min Hon
Villa Chrysanthemum DD217 Lot 1120, Hebe Haven 2,200
Villa Royale 7 Nam Pin Wai Road 1,234
Violet Garden 90 Chuk Yeung Road 2,000
Wong Chuk Wan Tseun Tai Mong Tsai Road 2,100
Wong Keng Tei Tseun Lot no.628, DD238