Situated on the north-west of Lantau, the largest island in the HK SAR, this coastal enclave was once an attractive sandy bay with just a small local village.

However, in 1976 it was targeted as an ideal site for a “new town” and now boasts more than 18,000 residents living in a large & modern town, with a variety of accommodation consisting of everything from large detached houses with private pools located on Headland Road to high rise towers containing a variety of different sized apartments.

Commonly referred to as "Disco" Bay or DB, it is primarily a residential development and has grown over the years to include schools, commercial complexes, a marina and residential sports clubs including a private golf club. There is also a new hotel currently under construction. Residential accommodation ranges from small apartments in high-rise buildings to large and luxurious houses with spectacular sea views.


Schools include the long-established DB International School; the newer Discovery College run by the ESF and for younger children there is the Sunshine House kindergarten and a Montessori school.


There are good hiking trails including paths to Mui Wo on south Lantau and to Tung Chung MTR station on the north shore.

North Lantau

The residential area closest to Chep Lap Kok, HK's international airport, which opened in 1997 on the North Coast of Lantau Island, is called Tung Chung. Since the airport location was announced, many large high-rise developments have proliferated here, together with a small number of new houses and an increasing number of local, village houses at the periphery.

Rents are generally more reasonable than Hong Kong Island or Discovery Bay. Tung Chung is convenient for expats working at the airport or needing to travel frequently and is linked to Hong Kong island by the MTR’s Tung Chung Line, taking you to Central in less than 30 minutes, along with many bus routes. There is an international, English-language secondary school run by the YMCA

There are also 2 kindergartens - Sunshine House  and Greenfields. There is a major shopping mall at the end of the Tung Chung MTR line from Central and also Novotel, Regal and Marriott hotels. The Tung Chung line also takes you to Hong Kong’s Disneyland!

ferry runs to and from Tuen Mun in the New Territories and another goes along the north Lantau coast to the picturesque village of Tai O, the point furthest West in the SAR.

Twenty-five routes operated by two bus companies serve the area. Citybus operates 13 of the routes and Long Win, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kowloon Motor Bus, operates another 12 routes. The airport is connected by a frequent bus service "S1" operated by the two companies.

Tung Chung was once a major defense stronghold against pirates & foreign military and boasts the remains of an old fort, together with a few old temples. There are many superb coast and hill trails. And of course, there is the scenic cable car to take you up to Ngong Ping “Big Buddha” monastery! 

Other Outlying Islands

The islands of Lamma, Cheung Chau, and Peng Chau, to the west of Hong Kong Island, are also inhabited, although they have no road access and no cars on the islands. Property is reasonably priced, and these islands attract people working irregular hours, or working from home, as the ferry services are not as frequent as to Mui Wo.

Accommodation is low-rise apartments and houses and all three islands have their own customs and charm. For ferry services check Lamma, Cheung Chau and Peng Chau, which also runs a smaller ferry linking these islands with Mui Wo. Once the airport link road was built, the island of Ma Wan was also developed (with restricted vehicle access) as Park Island and is accessed by bus services.


DB is accessible only by public transport, with no private vehicles allowed. There are bus services and taxies from Tung Chung and a fast 24 hours ferry service from Hong Kong Island. A restricted number of golf-buggies can be rented/ purchased to drive around the complex - at a hefty price!


For more information on the clubs and facilities, please see the developer's website.

South Lantau

The road from Tung Chung continues over the hills of Lantau to the south shore, but this is a “closed” road, and you require a special permit to use it, which is only allocated to Lantau residents. It is an area of relatively unspoiled ethnic villages, staggered along the coast from Mui Wo in the east to Tai O in the west. Accommodation is all low rise, with a few six-eight storey buildings in the main town of Mui Wo.

​Property prices are still reasonable in comparison to the rest of Hong Kong, though they have risen dramatically in the past few years since the “new” road opened, as more expats have realized and appreciated the bucolic charm of this rural and old-fashioned part of Hong Kong! The Lantau International School in the villages of Pui O and Tong Fuk, is a primary school, and the Bui O Chinese primary School in Pui O also has several expatriate children, learning Mandarin and Cantonese fluently in their early years.

Many Hong Kong schools send children to the Treasure Island Adventure Camps on Pui O beach, and they also run private camps in the holidays. The main attractions of living here are the fresh air and low population density.. There are superb mountain trails (Lantau Peak being the second highest mountain in HK), glorious beaches and wandering feral water-buffalos and cow herds!

​The road from Tung Chung on the north shore is plied regularly by the bus services and taxies – Lantau taxis are blue and are not allowed off the island while HK’s red taxis are not allowed over to the south side. The south coast is also well serviced by fast and cargo ferries from Central to Mui Wo, and an excellent bus service along the coast to Tai O, up to Ngong Ping monastery and over to Tung Chung and the airport. There are two hotels on South Lantau, the Silvermine Bay Hotel and the Tai O Heritage Hotel.

Key characteristics:
  • Located at Lantau island, Hong Kong's largest island

  • Quick access to beaches and has resort-like atmosphere  

  • Only accessible by public transport; no private vehicles allowed.

  • Offers good hiking trails

  • Proximity to international schools

Property for Rent in Discovery Bay & Outlying Islands

Displaying 1-6 of 6 results Price (HK$) Size (sq. ft.)

Siena Two

Discovery Bay
Ref.#: 108953
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
For rent HK$16,000
For sale HK$7,000,000
SA 467
GA 585

Peninsula Village-Caperidge Drive

Discovery Bay
Ref.#: 110085
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$38,000
SA 1,159
GA 1,311


Outlying Islands
Ref.#: 108903
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
For rent HK$16,000
SA 477
GA 596


Outlying Islands
Ref.#: 104458
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$25,200
SA 733
GA 916


Outlying Islands
Ref.#: 108902
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
For rent HK$17,000
SA 522
GA 653


Outlying Islands
Ref.#: 110050
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
For rent HK$16,200
SA 554
GA 693

Popular Properties in Discovery Bay & Outlying Islands

Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
Ana Capri Park Islands
Beach Village - Seabee Lane 1-15 Seabee Lane 962 - 1,282
Beach Village - Seabird Lane 1-61 Seabird Lane 1,282 - 1,295
Beach Village - Seahorse Lane 1-47 Seahorse Lane 962 - 1,995
Bijou Hamlet 1-32 Bijou Drive 2,504
Chianti Discovery Bay Road 609 - 2,008
Chung Mei Tseun Sok Kwu Wan
Coastal Skyline 12 Tung Chung Waterfront Road
Greenvale Village - Discovery Bay 11 Discovery Bay Road 439 - 876
Headland Village - Headland Drive Headland Drive
Hillgrove Village 1-5 Discovery Bay Road 398 - 776
Kwun Yam Wan Road, Cheung Chau Kwun Yam Wan Road 2,100 - 4,410
La Mer - Tung Chung 1 Kin Tung Road, Caribbean Coast 520 - 2,335
Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
La Vista 1-11 Vista Avenue
Pak Kok San Tseun Lamma Island
Parkvale Village - Crystal Court 4 Parkvale Drive 368 - 722
Peninsula Village-Caperidge Drive Peninsula Village-Caperidge Drive
Peninsula Village-Coastline Villa 2-46 Discovery Bay Road
Positano 18 Bayside Drive
Sai Wan Village, Cheung Chau 4 Tsan Tuen Road 2,100 - 2,100
Seaview Crescent 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road 504 - 1,364
Siena One Siena One Drive
Siena Two Discovery Bay Road
Tong Fuk Village South Lantau 2,100 - 2,100
Tung Chung Crescent 1 Hing Tung Street 521 - 1,480