Causeway Bay borders the Eastern & Wan Chai districts and is a heavily built-up area of Hong Kong island, renowned as a shopping mecca with retail rents in the core being ranked as the highest in the world.

For many years, Jardine Matheson has fired a cannon shot at noon every day by Victoria Harbour. The gunshots have served as time signals for many generations of old inhabitants of Hong Kong and this tradition continues till today.

Causeway Bay also has many midrise apartment blocks that cater mainly for the local community. Apartments are usually un-renovated of about 800sq.ft and up. Some of the units at the harbour’s edge have wonderful night views of the harbor lights.

Tin Hau is located between Causeway Bay and North Point in the eastern part of Hong Kong island. It is a medium density area with good access to parks and greenery as well as to public transport, shops and restaurants. There are both local and international schools in this area which has taken its name from the Tin Tau Temple which was built in the early 18th century by the Hakka people, dedicated to Tin Hau, goddess of the sea.


Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong's major shopping districts. It includes the 13-storey Japanese department store Sogo and the fashionable Times Square, both of which are large shopping complexes. There are also smaller malls such as the World Trade Centre, Windsor House, Hang Lung Centre, Fashion Island, Fashion Walk, Lee Gardens One and Lee Gardens Two.

Causeway Bay is one of the most crowded areas in Hong Kong since it contains many trendy shops carrying both locally made fashion and products from Japan, Europe and the United States. As such, it is a popular social spot for young people. Many shops are open until well after midnight. As well as the shops, Causeway Bay also has branches of most of the main banks and this area also has many great restaurants and bars, however, many of them are above street level (needed for the shops!) on higher floors in the tower blocks.

There is also the large IKEA store which most new arrivals find useful. Notable hotels in Causeway Bay include The Exelsior and Regal Hong Kong Hotel. Modern service apartments such as Jia have opened in the past few years.


There are no international schools in Causeway Bay, however, two renowned local schools do offer English-speaking tuition. They are the Sir Ellis Kadoorie Primary – International and St. Pauls Convent School - Primary & Secondary.


Causeway Bay is well known for Victoria Park which hosts a variety of festivals each year. Thousands flock to the famous Chinese New Year Flower Market to buy traditional greenery, flowers and peach blossom for their homes and offices. The park also has a large public swimming pool and a fantastic jogging trail. Just across the road from Victoria Park is Hong Kong Central Library, the main library of Hong Kong, which is home to 2.3 million items.


St. Paul's hospital, Tung Wah Eastern Hospital are located in this district while Adventist Hospital, Ruttonjee Hospital and Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital are nearby.


Transport to and from Causeway Bay is extremely convenient with the Island line MTR and many bus routes to take you to other areas. Taxis are easy to get if you line up at the major hotels such as the Excelsior or Park Lane Hotels or even at Times Square.

Key characteristics:
  • Shopping mecca of Hong Kong

  • Plenty of serviced apartments

  • Close to hospitals

  • Close to Hong Kong’s biggest park

  • Convenient: accessible by MTR

Property for Rent in Causeway Bay & Tin Hau

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Ming Sun Building

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32922

*A light and bright 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with lovely city view in an older...

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$32,000
SA 612

Highland Mansion

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32827

A newly renovated 3 bedroom apartment in an older block with stunning harbour views...

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$54,000
SA 1,355
GA 1,600

Hamilton Mansion

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32654

*Bright and spacious low floor apartment in Causeway Bay.

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$50,000
SA 1,268
GA 1,600

Prospect Mansion

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32653

An unfurnished 3 bedroom plus a maid’s room with a large balcony unit in a standalone...

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$46,000
SA 830
GA 1,488

Vancouver Mansion

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32651

*A practical 3 bedroom unit with 2 balconies in an older block. Large living and...

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$43,000
SA 1,124
GA 1,500

Great George Building

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32648

2 bedroom apartment in an older block, located in the heart of Causeway Bay area....

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$35,000
SA 695
GA 885

118 Tung Lo Wan Road

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32616

A high floor 3 bedroom unit with lovely harbour views from the living room and all...

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
For rent HK$56,000
SA 848
GA 1,283

Lok Sing Centre

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 4661

A nicely renovated apt with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and good views over Victoria Park...

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$19,000
SA 390
GA 475

Waldorf Mansion

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 32563

A studio apartment in Causeway Bay. Nearby to lots of shops and restaurants as well...

0 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$16,500
SA 400

V Causeway Bay 2

Causeway Bay
Ref.#: 182

This spacious serviced apartment is situated within short walking distance to the...

2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
For rent HK$51,000


Popular Properties in Causeway Bay & Tin Hau

Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
118 Tung Lo Wan Road 118 Tung Lo Wan Road 1,283
454 Hennessy Road 454 Hennessy Road 459
50-58 Tung Lo Wan Road 50-58 Tung Lo Wan Road 308 - 418
Apartment O 5 Hoi Ping Road 238 - 1,500
Bay View Mansion 13-33 Moreton Terrace 227 - 1,236
Bright Star Mansion 95-97 Leighton Road 423 - 733
Capital Building
Chee On Building 24 East Point Road 465 - 555
Chesterfield Mansion 11 Kingston Street 759 - 1,330
Clarke Mansion 9 Kingston Street 759 - 1,330
Como Como- Causeway Bay 21-27 Perceival Street
Diamond Mansion 462-468 Lockhart Road 327 - 640
East South Building 475-481 Hennessy Road 265 - 808
Elizabeth House 250-254 Gloucestor Road 536 - 906
Empire Court 2-4 Hysan Avenue 502 - 888
Grandeur 47 Jardine's Bazaar 394 - 412
Great George Building 27 Paterson Street 508 - 1,190
Greenfield Mansion 8 Kingston Street 1,230 - 1,334
Hacienda 88-94 Tin Hau Temple Road 741 - 1,109
Hamilton Mansion 1-3 Cleveland Street 1,238 - 1,268
Haywood Mansion 57 Paterson Street 1,015 - 1,204
Highland Mansion 8 Cleveland Street 860 - 1,355
Hoi Deen Court 276 Gloucester Road 450 - 790
Hoi Kung Court 264-269 Gloucester road 526 - 789
Jardine's Bazaar 38-40
Kingston Building 2-4 Kingston Street 396 - 1,575
Kwong On Building 8-14 Yee Wo Street 290 - 684
Lai Yuen Building 59-61 Russell Street 231 - 753
Lanson Place - Premier Rm 133 Leighton Road
Lee Gardens Serviced Apartments 25 Lan Fong Road
Lok Sing Centre 19-31 Yee Wo Street 343 - 390
Lunar Building 28-30 Leighton Road 573 - 1,033
Miami Mansion 13-15 Cleveland Street 1,008 - 1,263
Name Location Size (sq. sf.)
Ming Sun Building 90-96 Tung Lo Wan Road 457 - 612
Newtown Mansion 6 Cleveland Street 320 - 471
Pak Tak Building 51-53 Jardine's Bazaar 450
Park Haven 38 Haven Street 377 - 609
Paterson Building 37 Paterson Street 411 - 1,139
Pearl City Mansion 22-36 Patterson Street
Po Foo Building 84-96 Percival Street 327 - 694
Po Hon Building 24-30 Percival Street 399 - 522
Po Wing Building 108-120 Percival Street 304 - 552
Prospect Mansion 66-72 Paterson Street
Rich Building 28 Ormsby Street 595
Rita House 123-125 Leighton Road 219 - 584
Riviera Mansion 59-65 Paterson street 877 - 1,244
Silverwood 109 Caroline Hill Road 341 - 1,045
Skyscraper 132-142 Tin Hau Temple Road 1,806
Starlight House 32-34A Leighton Road 607 - 1,018
Sun Ho Court 29-31 Tung Lo Wan Road 254 - 271
The First Mansion 78 Tung Lo Wan Road 322 - 322
The Warren 9 Warren Street 382 - 612
V Causeway Bay 2 25 Tung Lo Wan Road
V Causeway Bay- Tung Lo Wan Road 25 Tung Lo Wan Road 900 - 1,800
V Causeway Bay- Yee Wo Street 9 Yee Wo Street 230 - 1,600
Vancouver Mansion 6 Kingston Street 1,101 - 1,169
Victoria Court 50-56 Hing Fat Street 1,035 - 1,643
Victoria Park Mansion 15 Kingston Street 901 - 1,220
Villa D'Arte 55 Wun Sha Street 418 - 450
Wah Ying Building 14-20 Shelter Street 361 - 538
Waldorf Mansion 2-6A Causeway Road 672 - 1,173
Welcome Mansion 58-64 Paterson Street 848 - 1,112
Well-Found building 488 Jaffe Road 306
Yee On Building 26 East Point Road 465 - 550
Yoo Residence 33 Tung Lo Wan Road 334 - 1,397