This service can begin before the expatriates leave their country of origin. We like to make initial contact by telephone and email, finding out the main aims and concerns of the family regarding their move to Hong Kong. We then:

  • Provide an initial overview of the different areas they may be interested in living in with the pros and cons of each. We can also forward an initial list of properties available in the price range they are targeting. We are also happy to provide information on service apartments and book them for an initial period, so they are ready to move in to upon arrival of the family.

  • Can also advise, as required, on the current school situation and provide initial contacts for those which may be suitable. We can also set up school appointments prior to arrival, to ensure their available time is used as efficiently as possible.

  • Provide various links for further reading and research which assists in managing people’s expectations before they arrive in Hong Kong.

  • Early initial contact can also be useful for preparing newcomers as to what will be needed when they arrive here to secure their new home, such as deposits required, how to set up their bank accounts and where to apply for the necessary Hong Kong Identity card, driving licences and so forth. Upon arrival to Hong Kong:
    • We collect people from their hotel / serviced apartment and take them on an initial exploratory tour of the various neighbourhoods they are interested in viewing.

    • We provide an arrival pack consisting of our detailed relocation book, full of useful web sites for schools, preschools, maid service, handy man etc, maps and a comprehensive property list. This initial tour includes not only property inspections, but also school tours if applicable, and checking local amenities such as shopping areas, sports facilities, walking trails, public transport and commuting times.

    • Once a specific residential area is selected, we ensure all the potentially suitable properties are viewed, so the family is confident and happy with their choice of new home.

    The fact that our international team members at Executive Homes are all long term Hong Kong residents who now call Hong Kong their permanent home can ensure the entire relocation process goes as smoothly as possible. We are all professionals in the business, and enjoy sharing our knowledge and love of Hong Kong with new arrivals. Stories of people arriving for 2 - 3 years and remaining for 20+ abound!

Corporate Services

Executive Homes work with a large selection of different companies from the financial services sector, large multinationals, international law firms and consulates. With our long length of service in the industry and depth of knowledge gathered in that time, we are able to greatly assist HR and corporate relocation departments in assessing budgets and relocation packages. This service includes the following:

  • Portfolio updates – we keep them up to date and informed about their current rental portfolio

  • Rental valuation - providing regular updates of values in the rental market which can assist in establishing housing budget levels.

  • School search – advice on the current school situation and which schools are the most suitable for the incoming expat to target in terms of syllabus and availability of places for the appropriate ages.

  • Keeping HR informed of the status of the new expatriate’s school and home search and alerting them of any potential issues which need to be addressed.

  • Visa applications – liaising with the Immigration Department and assisting the expat to complete the necessary forms and applications and keeping them informed of the progress.

  • Preparing and providing HR with a handover report of the property for their records and arranging a march out inspection and report at the end of the lease when the expat is moving on.

  • Lease renewals – providing the information of current rental values of the property to be renewed and helping liaise with the landlord to reach agreement on the terms for renewal of the tenancy.

Services for Landlords and Owners

With the length of service and experience amongst the staff of Executive Homes we have excellent contacts with a broad range of quality tenants including large multinationals, law firms, consulates, banks and other financial institutions. By listing your property with us we will expose it to these people which increase your chances of a trouble-free tenancy. We can also advise you on how best to maximize your rental return and minimize the vacant time between each tenancy. Our services include free advertising, regular site inspections during renovations to appraise you of any problems, a full handover service, transfer of utilities and on-going assistance during the tenancy as required.

Ongoing Support

Once a property has been identified:

  • We will negotiate with the landlord to secure the best terms for the contract including advising on the basic term and the commencement date, the availability of a break clause, the amount of deposit to be paid, and what items will be provided in the property and included in the rental.

  • We will also prepare a list of any repairs/defects/decoration works required before the commencement of the contract. We will check the premises prior to commencement to ensure they are carried out.

  • We can provide measurements of the property with room dimensions to assist with the selection of furniture. Advice on where to shop for curtains and furniture is also provided. Where a client is shipping furniture from overseas which has not yet arrived, we can assist in selecting rental furniture to be delivered to the apartment / house until their personal possessions arrive. This can be advantageous in allowing a family to settle in their new home as soon as possible and especially if there are children, this allows them to start making friends in their new environment right away, greatly assisting the entire relocation process.

  • Prior to the move in date we arrange appointments with the various utility companies and assist in having the accounts set up, as well as assisting with setting up internet, phone and cable TV services if required.

  • On the commencement date, we arrange the handover inspection where we walk through the property checking everything is clean and in good working order, checking all keys, manuals and remote controls are handed over and any necessary papers signed by the landlord to provide access to club facilities, if any. A report of all this is provided to each party and also to the HR in the case of a company lease.

  • At Executive Homes we take pride in the fact that our service does not stop with the handover of the premises. We can offer recruitment advice for the trailing spouse on where to start looking for a suitable job. For those who prefer not to work, we will suggest activities and charity work as appropriate. We are happy to follow up on any future issues and offer advice on anything from shopping tips to where to go for that special anniversary dinner. Many of us count clients from years gone by among our best friends, now all over the world!

Property Sales

Executive Homes provide a highly personalized service for purchasers. Once we have ascertained your requirements and budget we will source suitable properties for you to view from across the market. With our long experience and knowledge of the market we can ensure you are only shown properties within your requirements thus saving you time on viewings.

For those making investment purchases, our long-term experience in the residential leasing market in Hong Kong can prove invaluable, as we will advise you not only on the most rentable units, but also on the best ways to then maximize the yield you can achieve on each property. Our extensive corporate contacts and excellent marketing strategies can also ensure the minimum down time before the property is leased out.

We can also assist with contacts to obtain comprehensive mortgage advice so you can obtain the best terms available on the current market.